Pumped MulTra Token – A blockchain revolution for content based platforms



Have you wondered why news publishers have not replicated the success of music and movie streaming services who have developed commercially viable subscription-based models? This is because news publishers have failed to convince the consumers that good quality content deserves a fair remuneration.

Though this is the case consumers do agree to the publisher’s investigative, editorial and reporting efforts have monetary costs and value, researches and studies show that most consumers are not willing to pay for the content with their hard-earned money. This is where the publishers end up with the most frequently asked question, how do they generate revenue for online content?

It leaves them with two tactics: Paywalls and advertising, these are both frustrating and annoying for consumers. Publishers have long been eager to find a sustainable revenue model for the high-quality news content they create.

MulTra GmbH aims to solve this problem of content distribution and monetization for content publishers. They have been working on a blockchain powered ecosystem called Pumped, its unique technology opens the way for content publishers and consumers to effortlessly monetize content creation and consumption even.

How Pumped enables content monetization using Blockchain technology?

How much a news story is worth of is determined by the traction it receives from the consumers. Which implies that its value is directly linked to the consumption of its content by consumers.

MulTra GmbH has designed a new economy for content monetization which rewards content publishers and consumers with MulTra Tokens (MTT) through the Pumped ecosystem. Both consumers and publishers are rewarded for the content and this takes place through the Blockchain powered Pumped App.

How does it work?

Publishers run monetization campaigns on the Pumped App with the purchase and deposit of MTT. Each time the consumers perform a consumer behavior such as reading, sharing or engaging with an article, the deposited MTT are awarded to them. Since such interactions are what increases the value of the content, the publisher sets the criteria for the desired action and the corresponding token award for each action.These earned MTT can be used in a number of ways.

Pumped MulTra Token characteristics –

On 19th February 2018 at 15:00 CET, MulTra started issuing the Inital Token Offering, MTT. The raised funds in the Pumped ITO will cover the costs of creating, developing, and operating the worldwide infrastructure of the Pumped Economy. MTT will be listed and will be tradable on major exchanges by the 2nd quarter of 2018. Some of the unique aspects of the Pumped ITO includes –

Already Built MVP –

MulTra GmbH has already developed a technology-based Pumped MVP, while many ICOs have future product development plans that rely on fundraising and others.

Immediate distribution of MTT –

Based on the ERC20 Standard on the Ethereum Blockchain in November 2017, MulTra GmbH generated all the MTT. Participants in the Pumped ITO receives their MulTra Token immediately for this reason.

ICO made in Germany by a disruptive company –

The company consists of an excellent team of the highest-profile German professors, lawyers and media consultants led by CEO Onik Mia. Pumped has been developed by MulTra GmbH based in Frankfurt, Germany who provides innovative and disruptive solutions to clients that include Samsung, Deutsche Bank, BMW, Lenovo, Huawei, Sky, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, and many more. They are not new to creating Business models, it’s something they have always been doing!

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Will be Interesting to watch and see how tgis develops with the main players in the space, i.e. google facebook