Pundi X anyone?


Hi guys,

much is being talked about basic blockchain infrastructure and i wonder what the fellas think of Pundi X.

I wondered also why it isn’t listed on CoinPuffs as it is a top 100 on CMC…

Peter would you make a review on it?

Cheers bros!!!


I got into PundiX ICO thanks to Ryan Ly LOL. I just HODL it.


Seems like a cool idea. It’s stemming from the South Asia (Not sure) so I’m not sure how popular it is. Still an early start-up so approach with caution.


I recently sold 90% of my position in Pundix market cap has nearly 10x in a week. It was under ICO price for ages and when a crypto rallies that hard i personally think its sensible to take profits.




Just because I had a ‘what if’ :question: moment in my thought process :brain: I picked up 36,000 of these tonight. :dragon_face: I’ll let it sit for :spiral_calendar: sometime and check in on it. :cowboy_hat_face:

I like the thought behind the product. Time will tell. :mantelpiece_clock:

::NOT a recommendation to buy:: :mag_right: Do your own research!


One of my incentives to HODL :face_with_monocle:


I :heart: days like these! Last night when Pundi X was down 20% :chart_with_downwards_trend: my “Not on a major exchange” & “Pays 7% Monthly Dividend” for HODLers :alarm_clock: sounded off. :bomb: :boom: Doubled the position. :chart:

Not Recommended for the week at heart

That said #BTFD #welcometothefuckingshow :cowboy_hat_face: Cowboy Up! I’m sure this is not the last down day we will see in May. :peace_symbol:


Everyone loves a buyback! :cowboy_hat_face:



I instantly get turned off by all the gimmicks and “free” airdrops etc. Nothing is for free and you pay in the price of your tokens. Call me racist i don’t give a carp, Indonesian doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence.
My take is this, all marketing, no substance. I could buy POS machines from a 3rd party also and flog them off as my own, what do i need my own tokens for? To get rich after people like my idea.


Just another pump and dump. Youtubers have been shilling it for over a month now. When I become a squillionaire, I’ll throw money at crap like this too without a worry.





Having stored my tokens to a secure Ledger Nano I had forgotten that the snapshot happened in my other wallet. I can not help but say that the 7.32% monthly dividend on this project is encouragingly SOLID. My thesis is to expand my portfolio of small cap coins in the crypto-currency space utilizing only the dividends from this project. :cowboy_hat_face: Diversification is a wonderful thing, I used a similar strategy with my :neo: Gas Dividends which I held, and reinvested after 6 months to purchase more NEO which in turn gave me an added benefit of FREE ONT which it’s self will begin generation of ONT Gas later this year. :+1: I encourage others to research Divided pay cryptos to expand your portfolios. :rocket:



The Circulating Supply has been removed due to a swap that is in progress. Pundi X (PXS) is currently swapping to Pundi X (NPXS) and the swap will conclude 9/20/2018. The Circulating Supply will be updated when we can verify results of the swap and team holdings. For more information on the 1:1000 PXS to NPXS token swap, please see the official announcement https://medium.com/pundix/pxs-is-now-npxs-c3cd9ca8d9be

One of the cons when I first invested in Pundi X for me during my evaluations was this above message from CoinMarketCap which had given it a listing of #1369 buried in the vast sea of other cryptos available on the market. Having DCA’ed into this coin I was silently hoping for more :alarm_clock: time to accumulate more up until September … apparently things are going to change (in a very good way) :cowboy_hat_face: Hope if you were interested in this project you acquired some at a good entry point:


Things are looking good for Pundix being listed on Binance, time will tell. :hourglass_flowing_sand: :cowboy_hat_face:


hello, PuntiX is winning race for binance, :horse_racing: this is like the Kentucky derby, :horse_racing: :horse_racing: :horse_racing: :carousel_horse: :racehorse: c’mon pundi


Crypto Coin News have been shillin the hell out of it for months (because they’re heavily invested in it) & are encouraging people to vote for its listing on Binance.

I’m still unsure what the vote is about… are Binance now allowing clients to vote coins onto their exchange?

Normally it costs $130,000 (more or less) to get listed on Binance… so what’s all this ‘voting’ about.