Pundi X anyone?


Lol, the “news” channel where he has no clue what’s going on and just goes over the current prices. He must be making a killing on all of the ads and ICO reviews. I do like his videos, but rarely do I learn anything of value. Binance does that community vote every so often. This is number 7. I do fear for anyone invested too heavily in Pundi. Square could easily make their own payment machines.


can only vote if you have BNB on the binance… :horse_racing: :racehorse: :carousel_horse::horse_racing: c’mon pundi you can do it… do you get it = in the leed with jockey using whip #2 lost his jockey #3 going around in circles #4
must be the longshot = c’mon pundi


XPOS going to Japan. :tokyo_tower: :japanese_ogre:


Pundi ahead by 3 lenghts :horse_racing: Fusion :horse_racing: falling behind
:confetti_ball: :balloon: c’mon Pundi


Anyone know what’s happened today? I heard about a hack but couldn’t find much info.




:checkered_flag::horse_racing: PundiX :balloon: :tada: :confetti_ball:


NPXS will list on Binance tomorrow. I’ve got my tokens across in case it does a Bytecoin and 20x - that’d be nice!

Don’t miss out guys.



I do not think we will see such a pump from NPXS most of the ‘Hype’ I believe was priced in during the voting process. Apart from a steady upward and forward Grind with news and connections, I think the true Black Swan event for 2018 will be the correction in Market Capitalization for the token.

" The Circulating Supply has been removed due to a swap that is in progress. Pundi X (PXS) is currently swapping to Pundi X (NPXS) and the swap will conclude 9/20/2018. The Circulating Supply will be updated when we can verify results of the swap and team holdings" - CoinMarketCap [Info Link]

I do believe this will be corrected sooner than later, for those willing to do the math & research here is some information that will move the market for PundiX going forward in June. :cowboy_hat_face:




Just a Note: The May Divined Snapshot should be coming up soon, which has been +/- 7.32% additional tokens for NPXS held in your wallet. I am not aware that Binance is supporting the Payout so I would encourage you to store your tokens in a privately held wallet. I use a MEW wallet set up on a ledger nano for security. :rollsafe:

At the time of this writing NPXS is down 20.15% with the markets today. I choose to add 100K tokens to my Long Term position as I see this selloff as a global selloff and not performance related. My “Smart Cookie” :cookie: Theory is: 20% Discount + 7% = a 27% Easy Gain :brain: :hodl: **NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE! **

Just what I did as everyone panicked :chart_with_downwards_trend: In today’s markets. Cheers! :beers:




Pundi X has begun to capture my attention also. If anyone else has recently become interested. Here’s a good, “bird’s eye view”, from The Crypto Lark…



Okay, which one of you $npxs gurus is going to explain this, apparent (website data glitch?), market cap mooning in PundiX?



Yep, Glitch, i want to see a Pundi on every countertop / everywhere…every phone… i just hope they have their patents etc… they have 1st to market… and then the Androids and stuff like that… aren’t they giving the devices and charging on the program ??


Hey Leeboy,

Thanks for taking the time to respond. I am not ultra sure of their hardware/patent position, as I’ve just started researching them. They’ve got my attention though.

The flexibility of their POS system is, really, in a class by itself, imho, at this point. And they’ve got some partnerships with $qtum, $xlm, and, I believe, $xem; so, they don’t really look like a “paper tiger” to me.

They may have a good recipe here. Also, can’t argue the current price-point either! :wink::thinking: