Pundi X anyone?


Just for clarification it was not a glitch. They have a token swap of 1:1000 that ends September 2018 so coinmarketcap was not reporting accurate numbers. More information here. That said, they are currently offering a monthly dividend of 7%+ for hodlers. Very communicative with their community, transparent, meeting deadlines and strong partnerships.

I have been, and will continue to DCA as this project develops. You can read more about their revenue model here:


Eeeexcellent, good lookin’ out.

I had known about the token swap, but not interpreted it affecting market cap in that way.

I appreciate your taking the time to share this. Though I am proceeding with research and, “eyes open”, I have “good feels” about $npxs…



I have NXPS and love checking my acct after airdrops. It’s the little things that make me smile. Lol.



How are you guys reporting the 7% NPXS dividends in something like Cointracking?

It seems unfair if it’s classed as income, because what if the value drops shortly after, but you pay tax on the income of the day you got it. That doesn’t seem right to me because you haven’t realised a trade or anything.

Or do I have that wrong?


PundiX Get’s the “Binance Bump” :fist_left: :cowboy_hat_face:


Is interest from a bank considered as income? The dividends are there to help the inflation I think, so I doubt you should include that as income on your taxes. At least don’t do it until they force you :slight_smile:


Once you’ve brought your pundiX, where are you storing them? Might start a little DCA on them too.


You still Hodl this one @Hexdek16?



Atomic Wallet… my personal favorite.


Why Investors Should Pay Attention to Pundi X

How many people do you know that actually spend Bitcoin? That actually use it in their day-to-day life? I bet the answer is not many, because people have no incentive to. It is currently not all that easy to spend cryptocurrency, and then you have the issue of most of the people who know enough about cryptocurrency to want to buy it are unlikely to sell it because they believe in the long-term value of the coins.

The Pundi X Solution

We can’t make cryptocurrencies a less appealing investment, but it is possible to reduce the friction for those who wish to spend it. This is what Pundi X aims to do with their proprietary coin, NPXS.

Bitcoin has large potential to replace parts of the banking system, but for that to happen, the infrastructure needs to be greatly improved in order to allow for it to be spent at retail outlets.

For this idea to make sense a few things would have to happen. First, the devices would have to have transaction fees that are lower than the fees currently present on card and mobile payment solutions. Additionally, the devices would probably have to be distributed for free in order to create the value and utility of the network.

Development of the Company

Recently Pundi X has attracted some unfortunate attention, as there have been two separate thefts of their tokens in the last six months. The thefts were not to do with vulnerabilities to the network, but it doesn’t help the overall image of the company, which is generally quite favourable.

The CEO (and co-founder) Zac Cheah is just one of the many experienced professionals working on the Pundi X team. Their main challenge isn’t transaction costs, as one would naturally think, but the price volatility of cryptocurrencies and how that could affect a retailer’s bottom line. This explains part of why they are offering their services in developing countries first.

The development path of the company is to go to the lower competition areas, where the unbanked can benefit from their solution the most. This allows them to develop their network while not directly competing with the banks. For Pundi X, this means targetting Indonesia and eventually the rest of Southeast Asia, as well as some areas of South America in the future.

It would be an interesting phenomenon if this innovative technology caught on in the developing world first, and then moved into first world markets afterwards.

The Current Buying Opportunity

Currently available on Binance (as well as many other high profile crypto exchanges), the NPXS coin has been bouncing around the same range of between 0.0000001 and 0.0000002 BTC for several months now. This creates a significant buying opportunity for traders who wish to play around in that zone.

In terms of fundamentals, the solution is sound and has the potential to scale well throughout parts of the third world, but the technical move is to trade in that tight range and hope for an eventual breakout.