QAnon The Great Awakening is getting banned on Reddit



Any QAnon followers in here? They are attacking every conservative voice online.
#L9 #PatriotNews


Maybe it’s time to bring your peeps over here.


The censorship if fucking ridiculous.


All I ever get is attacked everytime I use reddit. Fuck that place.


I’ve sent the invite. Will get some to come over here for sure.


Set up the :tent::tent::tent:
Here come the herd of dissolutioned masses
The arg has been wound down
The dance of the larps has ended
The lights have come on
But, some are still dancing
Wearing masks
Grotesque fanaticism rules the day


Is John 8bit over on VOAT? there is an 8bit over there. Q sent his GA peeps over to VOAT. Never even heard of it.