Qlink Post ICO, AMA, MVP AMA Session

Good day All
I do like to share with us one of the undervalued coin/project with real world use taking telecommunication into Blockchain with lots of incentives.
Though the ico has been concluded but there are lots of potential in the project
I do like to share this links for you review and comments
thank you
AMA as regards the MVP Release

MVP Released

Thanks for your support


Currently one of my DCA coins. Really see good things coming from them.


thanks for the link… are you one of the creators?

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if you have got any question kindly join our telegram group


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Qlink just released its first MVP for WiFi sharing. We are delighted to keep you updated on our post-ICO R&D progress.

To take the opportunity expressing our gratitude for your contribution which accelerates our development with no doubt. We invited Susan Zhou to have an online AMA answering questions you may have. The AMA time would be on Jan 5th, Friday at 9pm Singapore time.

Leave your QUESTIONS in the comments on our Reddit page https://www.reddit.com/r/Qlink/comments/7o1k03/postico_rd_progress_ama_with_qlink_coo_susan_zhou/ .
We will gather your questions and answer them in video live broadcasting.

Channels of broadcasting will be disclosed later, stay tuned on our telegram, and twitter as well.


Qlink Team


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