Qoinpro.com free coins?

I was doing some Googling on ‘getting free cryptocurrencies’ and I came across this website, qoinpro.com. They say that you get a small amount of coins every day, so I decide to sign up and see what happens (I used a spam mail address ;))

So far it seems okay, I had to click on a conformation link and fill in a code. Looking at the websire a found a link to my wallet, and behold, it apparently has some coins in it…

What do you guys think of the site, looking legit/sketcy/etcetera… I might try to download one of the wallets of the other coins (PeerCoin for example) and see what happens if I transfer credits to that wallet.

Now I can’t remember if you’re allowed to use referal links on the pub, please delete it if you can’t, but for anyone wanting to check it out:


You’ll probably download a key logger lol, why would anyone give away free money?

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I had a look around on the website and googled it and came across some Steemit/Reddit posts. It seems like they’ve been around for a few years, though at one point they discontinued the original website and started anew with the current one. From what I gathered they take fee’s when you transfer your coins to a wallet/exchange. Also, there are a few coins for which you have to pay to unlock them at all, or at least earlier.

WorldCoin & EarthCoin you need to pay for if you want to unlock them at all
Digital coin & Doge & FedoraCoin & InfiniteCoin you need to pay for when you want to unlock them earlier then a few days-months.

As you don’t have to fill in any details besides and e-mail address I currently don’t see anything against it. Maybe once you would withdraw the coins, but seeing as it takes a while before you get there. For now I see it as a way to be able to safe coins for free. I’ll probably forget about it and remember it somewhere next year.

You won’t get rich with it, the more referrals you get from people the more bonus coins you get every 24H, but it might be a nice way to increase some coins…

  1. I had opened a Qoinpro account on user id ‘intutkri2’ around six months back

  2. I had received many promotional emails from support@qoinpro.com regarding deposit of BTC for claiming BCH and BTG.

  3. ***At last I think I had fallen prey to their emails and deposited some amount of BTC to claim my BCH and BTG and that’s it after that I never received a promotional mail from them after the deposit

  4. ***I had sent many BCH and BTG claim mails to support@qoinpro.com and wouter@qonpro.com and contacted them on email, Twitter and Telegram many times but no reply or response from them.

  5. ***I had submitted support tickets also at support.qoinpro.com under user id ‘intutkri2’ but they were closed without any proper resolution

  6. ***After checking my qoinpro BTC address 1K5JDqh7LVWEV1uvmQhbdKBdyN86iTZWfm on blockchain it is showing zero balance whereas the amount is supposed to be X BTC and there were also many transactions which I had not carried out. May be they are carrying out insider trading with the BTC deposited bt people like me and generating profits for themselves.

  7. ***I had withdrawn X amount of BTC from my Qoinpro (user ; intutkri2) BTC address 1K5JDqh7LVWEV1uvmQhbdKBdyN86iTZWfm to my personal BTC address 154UWpunPRyVT9LPfgrdcQKWj6276rrnMB but till now I had not received it.

  8. ***Websites : www.qoinpro.com and www.vdschagt.com (is never working)

  9. ***Company Office Address :
    QoinPro Limited
    1206, Eastern Commercial Centre
    397 Hennessy Road - Wan Chai
    Hong Kong S.A.R.

  10. *******Will update this post once I receive a positive reply from Qoinpro or Mr. Wouter

  11. ***So, Dear Friends ! Please decide whether this is scam or legitimate on your own diligence. I had put down my own genuine experiences with Qoinpro.


Please do let us know what happens!

Seeing your message about the spam I decided to check my spam accouny (on which I made the account), but I don’t receive any spam. I’ve gotten 2 emails on the 30th of October when I signed up (conformation and welcome mail), I received 2 e-mails on the 2nd of November, about the upcoming Segwit2x fork, and one on the 9th of November about signing up for free BCH/BTG coins (reading that e-mail now it had to do with the fork, but you had to transfer BTC to claim it)

so far so good for me, I receive a steady amount of coins, though the amounts are so low that I have to wait a while until I reach the withdrawal threshold (117 days if my calculations are correct…) At that time I will see how I can transfer the coins to somewhere. Maybe to a wallet, maybe to an exchange.

Sofar, for me it looks good, but then again, I haven’t actually withdrawn or received anything…

Current balance:


Deposit a minute withdrawal amount of BTC in your Qoinpro account and see whether you successfully receive them back I would tell you may not receive them because I have raised a withdrawal request three days ago and till now I had not received them. As far as receiving emails I think anyone can send automated mails as you did received by you I also received the same But after depositing my BTC I never received a response from them till now

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I’ve been using qoinpro for 18 months now never had any serious issues with them. First few months they were slow but now they have new website things are a lot better and faster. I’ve taken part in forks and airdrops and always receive coins. I’ve also withdrawn from a fork and received coins to my wallet.


QoinPro looks great! Here, a large, solid team, the ideas of the team and the development trend amazed their greatness!

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Using it several month and love it !!! Recommend it for sure !!!

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This is completely a SCAM. I have invested 100 USD worth of DOGE, BTC and DASH with them during their 3% interest promotion on investment. For 3 days I got the daily income and on 4th day all my Funds have become 0 balance.

I have been sending emails to Support for more than 2 months and till today they never cared to reply and fix the issue and restore my funds.

Do not invest in this platform and loose your funds.

Check out their Telegram Group and you will find users complaints on how much they lost.

Don’t fall for their PREY and loose your Hard Earned Money !!!

My Ticket Numbers with them:


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qoinpro is a great site that pays well
i never had trouble

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Little earnings but very good!

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I am an old member of QoinPro and must tell that I am very satisfied with this site. Not because of earnings because are few but because are free and durable in time. After a long time of absence I had problems with my login and this problem was solved. Not as fast I wanted but was solved. They have to many members and everything need time. While proceed the give of everyday coins as promised.

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I have been on QoinPro since March 2014. This excellent service gives free crypt to all registered users. I earn good money because I invited my friends and acquaintances, joined the telegram group, and complete tasks.

yes http://qoinpro.com does give free coins.

dont worry its real its legitimate and btw they do benefit from doing this, its not some scam thats “too good to b true”

u know its real and not a scam and really gonna happen and everything is fine and safe because they do benefit alot from doing this and r doing it because it helps them not because they’re a charity.

they attract u in with an offer of free pennys and now that you’re already hear you’re agreeing to go do little tasks for them in exchange for free quarters and free nickles cuz thats way better than just free pennies and before u know it their company doesnt even have to pay for normal advertisements anymore because they already got a thousand kids to post the website’s link on their facebook pages in exchage for idk maybe 30cents worth of bitcoin or something and now Qoinpro has just saved a shit ton of money on not having to pay thousands of $ to put ads on youtube and commercials on tv.

lol dude dont b naive, theyre a respectable company genuinely making money off of a “win/win” mutually beneficial situation.
theyre not santa clause and youre not a little kid theres no mysteriousness to their charity here, theyre giving away small amount of free money cuz all the masses of people that that draws in is more useful to them than the amount of money they could’ve kept.

its safe, and theyre a good market to use, and their website is simple & easy-2-understand i 100% recomend http://qoinpro.com

true the site give free coin

qoinpro give free coins i thought it was fake until i confirmed it, qoinpro is real

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