Quick Question - New Rig

Hi all,
Just building my first rig… interested to see how mining works more than anything… plus i get free electricity and unrestricted use of a server room :slight_smile:

I have 3 x RX580 GPUs 4Gb and I’m trying to work out the best software to run and whats best to mine.

having read several posts… most go back to August now on the pub it seemed at the time that ETH was / is best to mine, is that still the case?

Also, seems the two most popular apps to mine with are either EthOS or Nicehash… I’m happy to run Windows or Linux so if anyone has some pointers or even just confirmation I’m looking at the right coin and software that would be most helpful.

many thanks…

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I use Window 10, AMD has drivers for mining. Not sure if it makes a difference, but I use it. You can also flash your 580s with bios that will up the hash, but that will take up more time.

https://anorak.tech/c/downloads They have some here already good to go. Flash, then overclock (will take some more time again).

I mine ETH, and Ubiq right now. But as soon as Vertcoin has AMD support on their one click miner, i’m going to stop mining ETH.

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Mining Ethereum or Monero will be most profitable.

I will warn you though… the 4 GB cards will not have a super long shelf life for mining ethereum. once the Dag reach epoch 200 those cards wont be able to hold the DAG in memory anymore and you wont be able to mine ethereum.

if you have just purchased them and can swap them for 8 GB, it would be worth the extra cost.

but the AMD cards… ETH and Monero are most profitable. Claymore or Nicehash


Thanks for all the pointers folks, to late to change the cards unfortunately but this is only a starter rig and no doubt I’ll get the bug and add more cards / build more rigs :wink:

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Any opinions about wood vs metal open air mining cases? Seems odd to have wooden parts in an area that is known to have high heat. Thoughts?

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I used wooden platforms on my rigs. Doesn’t get hot enough to combust.

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