Quick thoughts on CY


Hey Peter and John

Have gotten to play with CryptoYum and really like it. I’ve only looked at it on my IPhone so far. I noticed when you open an article, you get some flashing. Only a few seconds. The other thing is if I choose bitcoin, specifically, instead of all news. And open an article, it puts the X on the top right to back out if I decide not to open the whole article. If I click the X, it goes back to bitcoin, which is perfect. If I open the article, there is no longer an X. Than I have to push the back arrow to go back and it takes me to all news and not specifically bitcoin. Makes one go back to bitcoin news or whichever coin they are interested after every article. Hope this helps! Keep up the awesome work! Excited for conspiracy Sunday!

David Wehrle


Peter and John,

I have navigated around Cryptoyum, my thoughts are below.

It would be helpful to close the coin search on the top right by touching outside the window, currently you have to close only by ”clicking” on the three lines. (I am using an ipad)

I agree the flashing bar as as stated above is mildly distracting.

Is there a way to link in twitter on the social page?

One last idea would be to move the ad placement, feels visually out of place, drawing focus away from the content. (yes, I realize that is the purpose of ads…)

All around a decent product.


Jason S.


I REALLY like this app!. I would use this all day/everyday. Now I agree with @DHEjason about the search bar, but I thought that the original beta had a search field. I wonder if it would be possible to open full articles in the right frame rather than opening another window. Not a big thing, but I would like to stay within the framework of CY.


I was on it ASAP March 29 2:00 mountain time for a few hours. LOVED IT! Since then I can’t get back on. I was on cloud 9 with all the info and links attached to it. What’s the login/ password.
Jadonwelling@gmail.com @J-dubcoin


I think integrating a search option within the “news, social” option for a specific coin would be a great addition. Searching for particular articles or key phrases would be useful!


Congrats on Launching the CrytoYum… been waiting for it GRATS. Just watched the video loving what your doing keep up the good work…


We are working on the search.


@john @peter

Under each coin selected for news etc, would it be good to also add a link to the coins white paper?
That way the consumer can have a more in depth understanding of the project they are looking at whilst getting current news feed.

Maybe a small white paper icon where I highlighted the area? I think would be a great addition!


Cryptoyum is great! good job guys
When will ICX be listed?


Is there a way to Not open a new tab if i want to see pub stuff on yum?


wait, be more specific?


It’s the only reader I use now, defeat the popouts and get the ad mix right


Cryptoyum is great. The only problem I have with it is the same as Coinpuffs, in that there other coins listed on the site besides Dogecoin.


OK lets say I click BTC then on the right side it says about , twitter, events, Pub . They all open within the little window except you click PUB it opens a whole new tab in browser as opposed to staying confined in the little window on the left…

Also is there a way to always see the left column if you’re not in full screen mode?


I’m home from vacation, so finally had the time to checkout CY on a desktop. First off, the search bar.

In the day/white theme, the blinking cursor and text show up as white, which is invisible against the gray background. I suggest changing the cursor and text colour to black or same colour as the CY logo:

The dark/night theme is good so far. Here is the above search bar in night mode:

I’ll browse around and see what else I can find.