Quit my job and gone All in Crypto


Its gary vaynerchuk. @garyvee

He knows his shit. All hustle.


I hope you’re going through B90X!


I will help organize the Vegas BBQ :raising_hand_man::fist_right::fist_left:


Congrats to all you guys who were successfully able to quit employment and now enjoy deployment! This is actually one of my goals for this year. To become financially capable to the point where I can quit my job and earn an income from home. Where I can have the time to focus on the things in life that matter.

I recently started a distance learning degree program and I’ve also started receiving more pressure at work to the point where I’m totally mentally exhausted by time I get home in the evening. I haven’t been able to focus on my studies nor “me” for the past few months due to having to do everyone’s work at my job.

One of my greatest days will be when I hand in my resignation notice. Right now I just wanna take some time to focus and get experience in trading. I’m currently going through the B90X program and digesting the info. Thanks @peter ! After I become a stable trader and can rake in a decent profit per week, I’ll drop the bombshell. Will keep you guys posted on my progress. And BIG THANKS to @peter and @john for creating this awesome community where we can all learn, help, support and share with each other! Much love. :v:t3::sunglasses:

What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?

If I had a job I Would quit to lol


I know that feelin my man, I feel like I run our department after just being there for one year. Our incompetent department manager is sooooo ridiculous I honestly don’t know how people acquire these positions… guess you just got to be thick skinned and obviously be good at interviews…

I really don’t like interviews I suck at them… lol
I understand the whole interview process is to see what type of person you are but people these days are all talk…

Personally I am still making designs for some shirts posters etc then going to release them soon. Atm looking at tee spring but I don’t know what their quality is like. So many people seem to be selling their own merch not from some platform.


Yep lots of big talks in the interview. Plus if they can be a “yes” person to their superiors then all the better. As a result they are therefore ignorant of the scope of work and end up setting ridiculous deadlines. And their superiors are ashamed to fire them because they were the ones who hired them in the first place. So that’s how the politics work. Can’t wait to get out of there. Anyone in the US willing to hire me? :nerd_face:

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lmao i was wondering the same thing in adelaide… but i seem to be the only person from the pub lol…

honestly though i think there is nothing better than owning your own business or working for yourself. i just have a problem where i get side tracked so easily like i have adhd…


Your world is in your mind. You must master your mind… like i said in the B90X!


I did the same thing. I quit my job to go crypto full time. The deal I made with myself was to give it three months, and three months have passed now. I have learned a lot, met lots of new friends and it’s been a great experience. Due to the timing and the crypto market etc, I can’t go on not working. I have bills to pay :wink: So I will go back to work soon, at least part time, but my heart is still in crypto. I have lots of ideas and things I want to do in this space but it’s going to take time.


did you know, that having a passion is actually something hard to come by? i actually find it amazing how people have the discipline to continue something they love.

truly wish everyone who takes this type of career a prosperous life.


i feel like every quote you throw at me, or something you say i feel inclined to design something around that. l


Hmmmm…Sounds about right my friend #Moongoals

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Congrats, I have not had a bank account or a job since going full time crypt0 in early 2015. You are on the right path my friend.


We’ll get there Leo, and you’ll be proud that you hodled through these 3 tough months, I think end of Q2 things will look a lot nicer


Really do hope so my friend, and I believe we will too. These past few months have been one hell of a ride, testing lows I genuinely didn’t prepare myself for but I know Icon is a crypto powerhouse so I was always going to hold.

I’ve been mentally preparing for a bear market lasting a year plus, so if we see a another run again sometime this year I’ll be over the moon… aswell as on it! :joy:

If we do get a run, I can’t see no reason why icon couldn’t hit $50 come EOY.

Good to here from you aswell haz!


I can’t wait to buy my freedom and quit my job. I also can’t wait to buy a brand new pickup truck, Dodge (Doge?) Viper, large house, and several rental properties. I only need ICX to hit $50 and NEO to hit $1K. :icx: :neo: :rocket:


Hope ALL you all make it! I know one thing that working for someone else is not in your best interest. They just blow a bunch of smoke up your ass to keep you making money for them. If they paid you well enough you would become independent and they can’t have that shit.


im cooking that chiken making icx one chiken wing at a time :slight_smile: i have 8200 trying to reacg 10k icx


5K+ ICX is still a very nice number to have. Would be 250 grand at $50 (not including taxes).