RagerX: all-in-one mining platform (OS+miner+pool) with affiliate earning

RagerX: Monero pool with affiliate rewards is open for public registration

RagerX is a mining platform built from scratch for the best possible user-experience for mining RandomX (and other algorithms in near future). RagerX is more than just a miner, it is a complete software set:

  • The fastest RandomX miner (10% boost over XMRig) with auto updates and automatic tuning for each specific CPU model. Forget about manual compiling, updating, configuring, or optimizing; RagerX will do it on the fly according to your exact hardware.
  • A user-friendly GUI USB flashing tool that flashes the latest RagerX mining operating system and configuration through a step-by-step wizard. (USB drive 2GB+ is required for image flashing.) A demo flasher utility is built right into our website so you can see how easy it is before getting started.
  • Built-in fast and user-friendly PPLNS pool . The pool frontend has advanced statistics, block reports, payout reports, currency switcher, and more.
  • Advanced reporting. We show you every share you submit to the pool, as well as every credit and debit to your balance. You can even export both share and payout information into a downloadable CSV file.
  • Mobile and desktop interface. The pool interface is built as a progressive web application that can added directly to your home screen on Android and iOS, as well as added to your desktop on Window, macOS, or Linux to give you a native interface.
  • Affiliate program with two levels of referrals. Earn 0.5% of the amount of coins that users you refer to the pool mine, as well as 0.5% of the amount of coins any users your referrals refer.
  • Community participation rewards. Earn up to an extra 1% of your mining rewards when you’re active and helpful in the community.
  • Easy to use profit calculator with affiliate and participation rewards built in.
  • Telegram bots to notify you on settings changes, payouts, worker status, and other important events.


  • Step-by-step guide on how to register and start mining.
  • *Built-in chat page bridged to our Telegram group
  • Affiliate rewards program.
  • Our push for transparency - Learn how RagerX pushes for to be the most transparent Monero pool by publishing our viewkey and creating advanced reports.

Imgur album with screenshots of interface

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