RAVEN Coin Mining Are You In?



Did you jump on the RVN Coin Train? if so, tell Y


RVN all day!!! Been in since march 28. Only in for the short money run. I’m out as soon as something better comes along.


right on! me too short-term for now, diff over 25k now, was 1000 when I started…


Wow u must have been killing it. It was 17k when I got in.


I’m doing ok, just waiting to get more team green hardware as soon as new stuff is released


Do we have any raven coin mining guides?


Thanks for the tip! I guess I will mine and hodl. I’d be sick later if it turned into a valuable coin only to have sold thousands of coins for just a few hundred dollars.


the project is too new to risk real mining potential into this coin. If the profit will be 500% more than traditional mining projects (eth, xmr, etc , z etc) ok, but in right now profitability is almost the same. so risk is not equal profit.


What do you consider “real mining” ? For me real mining is getting in early on a great project. Unless you are cashing out every day the profitability at this very moment in time is not relevant. So if you are a HODLr it doesn’t matter what the profitability is at the current moment its all about accumulation. The real money in mining is mining coins like Raven or Ethereum when they were not profitable as your accumulation will be higher during these periods.


that is a false statement, if you believe in a project you can mine whatever gives you more profitability and then buy whatever coin you want (RVN for example) and just HODL it.
Right now mining RVN is a BIG risk for a real small profit and even HODL it is risky.


RVN is still more profitable than all the other coins on what to mine if u mine and sell today. Last night haul was 412 coins at .037554 = 15.47. That is as good as it gets these days unfortunately.


Tokenizing assets are huge. RVN will be built to do that in the best way possible.
TZero may also be building ontop of RVN.

thas y


No it isn’t false, because you are still cashing out what you mine daily or at what ever interval. This method also requires several transactions which depending on where you live have other tax implications plus transaction fee’s that eat into the overall profitability of what you are suggesting.

Any investment whether it be mining or straight up buying a coin is a BIG risk. So that point is moot in this discussion about profitability as your plan is cashing out every day to some risk.


I am mining until I hit 10-20k RVN to HODL because:



Well if you are going to mine to 20k I’m going to mine to 20k. Lol FOMO!!!


568 sats and climbing . Thinking to hold this for a bit


I just past 15,000 RVN and still going. I think this will be a long hold. It will turn out ok or be a bust. That’s to be expected in the crypto world.


Meetup in Salt Lake City, Utah where Tron Black and Bruce Fenton speak on Ravencoin. Q&A with Tron Black. May 7th


I’ve been mining raven for about a week now and am averaging 300+ per day. Really liking the payout on a coin with potential.


Ethos and Raven are doing a partnership :grin::muscle::raised_hands: