RAVEN Coin Mining Are You In?



I can’t seem to find anything about this. Do tell…


as a pre-registered Ethos wallet client I received an email that Raven will be airdropping to Ethos wallet holders when they download the app and create a RVN wallet. There are several coins that are doing the same thing.


You are 1 month ahead of me! Cheers!


I can point you in the right direction!
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How to sell RVN on Crypto-Bridge DEX
How to mine RVN with NVIDIA and Awesome Miner
How to mine RVN with AMD and Awesome Miner
RVN vs PGN & Mining Guide for NVIDIA and AMD

Yes, there is also a Pigeoncoin that is a “copy & paste” of RVN with a single modification to the algorithm so it shuffles instead of randomly chooses the next algo.


Sir, that logic is how you miss out big on mining opportunities. Listen to these people explain it to you. GPU specific mining grants you the power to get in early on coins before they pump and dump. Please listen to your peers, like @Nekko, they are dropping lots of knowledge on you to help. Bottom line, if you had really waited on the sideline for +500% profits, you would have missed every ALT coin pump and dump ever. Including all of those you mention as “traditional mining projects”. There is no actual use case for “real mining” and “traditional mining” in a crypto miners vocabulary. Any mining is real and in this game, nothing is traditional.


Thanks for this info, I did some “Googling” and will help flesh out the details for people looking to get in on this. Thank you so much for sharing!
First, here is the list from ethos.io wallet website for partnership airdrops.

Second, the Reddit article:

Third, the Twitter post:


Signed up will see how this goes. Most of the coins they are airdropping I have barely or haven’t heard of. The biggest one I recognized was OMG.


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