Ravencoin To Fork And Fly South For The Winter

Raven To Fork And Fly South For The Winter

The Raven Forkening
So it has come to my desk that Ravencoin(RVN) is going to be forking from their current POW Algorithm X16R to X16Rv2 on Oct 01 2019. This is a huge leap for the Popular Minable Altcoin, Can it be done? The X16R algorithm is quite complex already with its Randomly chosen hashing order of 16 different mining algorithms, which kept it of ASIC Miners. So what does X16Rv2 have up it’s sleeve, the new Algorithm will have the Tiger algorithm put into three different parts of the current new algorithm. Tiger hash performed before the algorithms Luffa512, Keccak512, and SHA512.

FPGA’s Coming In Hot.
This may have come to no surprise from the community but due to the growing hashrate of Ravencoin and with the recent release of the Raven Bitstream made by Altered Silicon. So now FPGA miners who have 2 BCU1525s from SQR and have them connected with QSFP cables can mine Raven. But due to the nature of the X16R algorithm the SQR BCU can’t tackle it alone. Now with the fork coming the algorithm will change and the FPGA owners will have to redevelop the bitstream. Which is going to take some time.

Things To Be Done.
So everyone be aware that the coin is forking and have you Wallets/Nodes up to date with version 2.5.0 when it is released. We should see the wallet come out her in a few weeks with some new updates to the RavenCore as well. The Miner Programs Like CryptoDredge and T-rex for Nvidia and TeamReadMiner For AMD, should be coming out here in September so stay tuned for that as well.

Keep Them Hashrates Up!
And Keep On Mining!


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