Really profitable?



Hi guys,

I watched a youtuber (nick) and was totally blown away by this.
Hashflare offers really really “cheap” mining contracts. Seems just to good to be true but nick has been running it for a year and his the proof it works. Just wanted to see if anyone here has used their service with this level of hashpower! People using low power like 1TH or something wont be happy i’m sure.
Anyway i’m considering 15000.00 USD or 0.79350000 BTC for 100TH (1 year contract)

Currently the monthly reward is 0.33 which is insane. That is after the 17% fee.

Any thoughts?

ps. i already have a GM contract with 40TH which i’m very happy about! In average i have 0.0064 BTC daily.

Is hash flare a scam?

So a YouTuber gets good returns and shows you evidence… And at no point did you consider that he’s being paid to show fake shit?

Happens all the time. YouTubers getting increased odds on betting sites etc etc etc.


eh seriously? did you check the company? hashpower vs reward? facts?
And the youtuber is someone i have followed for a long time so not a one time thing. Company has been around for 3 years also.
Sure its good to be skeptical but you need to check all the facts to before judging.

I’m interested if anyone else has tried the service and is getting similar returns.


I just invested in it so we’ll see what happens.


How much hashpower?
Just as in today?


60TH/s… supposed to be mining roughly $150 a day, and that happens to be how much 1TH/s costs from Hashflare. My plan is to reinvest and buy 1TH/s each day.


Good idea actually, work your way up :slight_smile:
Did you start today? wondering if you received payout according to whattomine calculator?


when I first started I bought 3TH/s and got a payout yesterday for almost $10… my next payout is like 4am lol, with the 57TH/s i bought at 4am in the morning. Ill keep you posted and see if I actually make roughly $150.


Ok awesome, thanks mate. GM sucks with their 4 month wait time and its much more expensive. I know its life time but i doubt after 1 year it will generate all that much anyway. This price is hard to beat. Company has been around and people are in general happy with the company. I read some problems with change of contract and actually some lousy term but than again its the same with every mining company.


Got me a 100TH contract. I see that the difficulty is actually decreasing by 16% so its a good opportunity to jump in. Like 2 month will pay for the contract so unless the company disappears during the time i think its profitable.
But please do share the info anyway.

By the way i saved my BTC address on settings but i cant find it anywhere once i save. Should it not be visible somewhere?


It’s so profitable for the YouTubers because they get referral bonuses.


Keep us updated on the progress of your cloud mining venture. I’m real skeptical when it comes to cloud mining.

I feel like they are all heavily profitable in the beginning but as time goes on, your ROI gets pushed out further and further.

Having our own mining rigs, we are able to point to the most profitable coin and stay on target with original ROI projections.


For genesis that is true but not hashflare.
Also he showed the contract based on hashpower and BTC generated. Either way the important fact is that the given hashpower generates the calculated reward. If the cost is from your or referral makes little different.
It should start tomorrow so let’s see how it goes. In following and recording the payout on genesis and so far I’m 1/3 of initial investment of my BTC. It’s been just 2 month so I can’t complain.
I share some facts with you guys once I go further and know more.


I don’t like genesis or hashflare. Genesis systems went down for ages also. You will get more return if you invest directly in the coin. Also, they dont have a decent dashboard, they expect you to add up all the little micro-payments (which they will not pay until it hits 0.4 on monero).

It wouldnt be much to show a running tot so you know how far you are from your actual payment and they don’t. Not sure about the SHA-256 for life contracts. Better off building a rig or buying a miner if you want to be on the network.


I have used GM and even if the support sucks they payout. There are sometimes delays but still really good reward. Who cares about dashboard, I want BTC reward, and the dashboard is functional.

And I don’t understand how your reasoning that your coin will grow? Unless you take risk and invest or but/sell, your 0.7 BTC is the same even in 2 month. I did the calculation with the difficulty and I should get 0.4 BTC monthly!
Again I’m not saying this is 100% given specially sine I’m New with this company but the calculation support the risk.
If this was over the coarser of 6-7 month I would be more careful.
That is why I did not buy a new contract with genesis recently. Their contact start 2018-03-31. By than I should have received more than 1btc (hopefully).
Let’s see how it goes :slight_smile:


I dont know if you realized but hashflare just increased 1TH/s cost to $220, I am happy I bought mine at $150. Also I got a payout this morning for 0.0086482 BTC (around $150). But this price increase puts me back a day because I wanted to increase my TH/s each day. but its alright ill try to make that $70 gap with swing trading or something so I can up the TH/s by 1 each day.

Once you saved it, it should display it when you click setting, its the second one, at least mine is there showing my BTC address.


Cool! Glad i bought my 100TH before the price increase.
About the address, i did not know i have to verify using email, once i did that it saved it in the settings.
Awesome you got the payout the day after also.
Looking forward to my BTC starting tomorrow than :slight_smile:
I think we have until end of mars to get real good profit before all of genesis contracts start kicking in :slight_smile:
Plus the difficulty is decreasing now and in 2 weeks so its a real good time for BTC mining right now i think.

ps. be careful swing trading, everything has gone up like crazy and its on its way down, hard to know which one start to clime, although good projects/coins will still continue to rise i guess.


I am glad you were able to resolve the btc address issue. But yea I am very happy so far, however its only been 3 days, made my first reinvestment today as well. Hashflare is growing rapidly in popularity, and they talked about Hashflare 2.0 today in their twitter account. Ill post a link below. With btc going up like this I think mining is incredibly profitable right now and you’re absolutely correct once the predicted difficulty goes down for the next two week thats when you should really start seeing those profits.

Hey thanks for the heads up though and good luck with your mining.

P.S your 15k investment for 100TH/s now costs 22k… if you look at it that way it should make you feel good lol.

Just use chrome to translate it. Its in Russian.


Bitcoin was more than 17% per month on average in 2017


Yes saw the price increase yesterday as well, its a good chunk of money we saved :slight_smile:
Thanks for the info mate and good luck to us both :smiley: