Rebalancing vs Buying in Top 10: $1,043,902 Profits!



I completely get that and I am generally of a similar attitude of buying at cost, however did you not also mention that you would try to either sell off alts and pull out of btc during rallies and dips? Surely this a very similar mindset to what I’m talking about for a general in point?


Are you a Trader or a Hodler right now, say Jan and Feb?
Trader: everything is ATH - perfect for smashing into other gainers and BTC
Hodler: Big money incoming - 2018 Year of the Hodl - ignore the fervor

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@sethlouey @jamesbrooks

With Cardano, Tron and Steller appearing in the Top 10 virtually overnight, what are your thoughts on rebalancing timeframe?

Regarding the quarterly returns being best from last year. After thinking about it, my best theory is that the 3 month time-frame allowed time for people to notice the new entrants into the top 10 and invest accordingly giving them time to appreciate.

I think Alt adoption is quickly becoming the norm and the Top 10 will change much more frequently. Quarterly now seems far too great a time-period for rebalancing. By the time a new entrant hits the top 10, you’ll miss out on some big run-ups.



I still haven’t had a chance to dbl check @z0six’s findings that there was an error in the quarterly rebalancing… I will look into this later but perhaps someone has already checked for themselves?

But regardless of this due to the increased volatility that you talk about I agree that monthly or weekly could be a better punt this year.


In the crypto market, which swings so quickly, I believe you will get the biggest gains rebalancing once a week (or even every few days).

Crypto market years go 10x faster than the stock market years (stock market is much less volatile, so you would be ok with rebalancing your stocks/bonds quarterly or even annually).


Yeah @CryptoMoon,

I think also that someone said in here the other day that there was a calculation wrong on the quarterly in the spreadsheet and that actually monthly was the most profitable.

I am kinda hoping someone has the time and passion to do some back testing and see if weekly / daily rebalancing was more profitable or not.

Definitely would like to do whatever I can to lock in some great gainz this year!


Good to know. Those quarterly returns did seem far out of the norm but everything about crypto is out of the norm so who knows.

I was even considering a bi-monthly reallocation but even that seems like too long these days.

Seems like monthly is still a great way to approach it. Giving the new kids in the list time to appreciate and also not killing yourself with work.


Well I am definitely excited to see what people come up with. I am very open minded about the frequency of rebalancing if anyone has any new data :slight_smile:


happened to rebalance at the right time. now only in btc, eth, neo, icx, trx and qsp


I personally don’t have time to look into this. I’m more focused on 2018 rebalancing tactics now and watching the market. Even if it was off a bit, it’s all to the moon.

2017 data will not be the same in 2018, so it doesn’t make sense to go back to that data and perfect it. The way I see it, you put $10k in and have way more return. Doesn’t matter that it’s 1.5M or 2M. :wink: (That data won’t be the same this year)



So - how often are you planning to rebalance?


I’m doing a couple different tactics.

  1. Monthly or Quarterly rebalancing with Top 10 (Fiancee’s account)
  2. Picking Top 10 alts on a monthly rebalance


Here’s a screenshot for those who are interested in seeing the results of the updated quarterly rebalance. What happen was the three month end prices were a little off and didn’t match the beginning of Q2 prices. As a result, quarterly profits shook out to be around $700k. Monthly is still 900k.

Stuck inside today from this snowstorm here on the east coast was contemplating doing a weekly rebalance back test this afternoon. If I do it I’ll certainy share it!


Agreed, curious to see how the weekly shakes out using the top 10. Every two weeks might be the sweet spot.


If you do I will love you for ever and tip you some DOGE


I’m starting this tomorrow and am pretty excited to see the results. How is everyone going to keep track of their re balancing? Especially if you are going to rebalance monthly or even weekly? I downloaded the 2018 crypto rebalancing template, but it only has the quarterly plan? Is that what everyone is going to use to track their progress?


Wanted to ride on this but main portfolio is on neo, should I sell and split in the top 10 alt? Does it make sense if I only rebalance when a coin drop or goes into top 10


I’m really keen on giving this ago but I’m in a similar position to others and I’m not sure if I should break up my 1 btc to do it… On the flip side XRP is giving me the shivers biting at BTC’s heels


I just completed buying my top20 coins for rebalancing. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get RaiBlocks XRB because it’s neither on Bittrex nor on Binance so I added 21st coin which was Verge at the time and I am quite skeptical about it but we’ll see. I got 17 of them on Binance, 3 of them on Bittrex.

I’m ready for those gains! :hulksmash:

Edit: Just merged some of the portfolios shared in the pub and adjusted them to my needs :joy:



Amazing. I’m going to start next week, once my funds arrive to the exchange. I’m still doubting if I should do it with the top 10, 15 or 20 coins

Could you share your Excel?