Rebalancing vs Buying in Top 10: $1,043,902 Profits!



Do you guys rebalance and then move all your coins to a hardware or software wallet? and then when the time comes rebalance and move it again?


I’m going to do quarterly rebalancing on binance, so probably I will keep the coins on the exchange


Cool thanks, just the idea of leaving any currency on an exchanges kinda gets to me…


Im going to keep them on 3 different exchanges to spread them out a bit. And then I have my BTC in a wallet.


I’ve done loads of testing with the 2017 data and 10 cryptos is the sweet spot. But I’m no financial advisor.


I am also putting together a portfolio of the Top-X coins but the rapid shakeup of the Top 10 has really thrown a wrench into things.

The Top 10 marketcap has always represented a fairly solid group of cryptos that “earned” their way up to the Top 10.

The past few weeks though has really changed my view of the long term viability of the Top 10. Sudden entrants such as Cardano, Stellar and TRX came out of nowhere. IMHO, Cardano is a quality project as is Stellar but TRX is a piece of shit and cannot imagine dumping 10% of my portfolio into it.

Reallocating too often will really take it’s toll in fees. .01% May not seem like a lot but it’s the unseen opportunity costs that kill you. I tried whipping up an example in a spreadsheet but my limited skills were taking much too long.
If someone with Excel skills could whip up a spreadhseet showing the opportunity costs of losing .01% of returns to fees on a starting porfolio of $100,000 with an annual 2000% return using weekly, monthly, bi-monthy and quarterly reallocations…that would be great. If not just know that it adds up.

Would lost opportunity costs matter if the weekly allocation method ROI far exceeded the monthly, etc? No one knows. But it’s something to consider not to mention all of the additional work that has to be put in actually buying and selling everything.


My only response to that is that my gut tells me people are moving into alts more and more each day and looking to find that next big coin. Last years Top 10 might be this year’s Top 15 or 20. But I certainly don’t have anything to back that up other than my gut.


I just waited with my 50% to the middle of this month (~14.01) - i already think this was a stupid decision :stuck_out_tongue:


Great points, started to put together a weekly 2017 back test of the top ten yesterday. I’m going to get back into it tomorrow its a lot of numbers to plug in so it may take some time since I start and stop. Lol. Great idea too formulate it so that a .01% fee applies to only coins sold for rebalancing. Does anyone know if .01% is the average fee, I’ll do some research but would be helpful to know for sure before using that in a calculation.


I just used the fee from Binance. I assume most other exchanges were in the same ball park.


definitely interested in seeing this


hey Ozzy, I was putting together a similar spreadsheet for my top10+next10 as well, care to share your doc with us ?


Thought I’d let everyone know this and linking from another thread.


I have couple of things I need to fix on my spreadsheet. As soon as I fix it, I’ll post a link.


@LiveFree “How is everyone going to keep track of their re balancing? Especially if you are going to rebalance monthly or even weekly?”

Please see the tool I created for this in this post below and enjoy!:


Wow thank you so much for putting these main trading strategies into perspective !


I’m about ready to put my DCA of $100 into my new rebalancing Top 10 (HODLing my big stack of ICX so that one I won’t put into this experiment). I’ve edited my Top 10 to these, but I need two more to put it (wanting to stick with only those on binance), and I won’t be distributing the $100 into all 10 right away, just picking one or two each time until I have a little in each of the ten.


Advice on the other 2 I should add, and which two or so I should start with?


Maybe NEO and IOTA? fdjaklfjas;f


Do you not fancy TRON?


Sold all for ICX :smiley: now buying back little of it from dip so i am kind of fancy? I like suppor some coin game related like GAME coin i got some too now :slight_smile: