Rebalancing vs Buying in Top 10: $1,043,902 Profits!



I just wonder the long-term probability of the coin, I’ve not heard much is behind it. However I’ve not looked into it myself.


It was on my list a few days ago but for some reason I scratched it out.


Great minds think alike, I’m doing a similar thing as I need to get my trading fix somehow without touching my stack of ICX :stuck_out_tongue: - I’ve added WaBi to my list.


So we all somehow felt the dip incoming :smiley: Well i sold Wabi away too LOL


I don’t know anything about WaBi yet…Better than any of those on my list you think?


It’s a competitor to VeChain from what I can gather. It’s a risky investment compare to the others on that list in my opinion. I’m not sure I’ll be holding long-term with it


Hello pub… I have created a rebalancing sheet for Top 20 coins… hope you enjoy it.


I went with NEO and IOTA to round out my Top 10, and those are the 2 I put buy orders in for my DCA today. Next DCA I will pick 2 others.


Without being too nosey how are you doing your DCA? Investing $100 every week into another coin on your list. E.g. $100 into NEO this week, $100 into IOTA next week. Then re balancing once you’ve got $100 in each? As an example?


@HazardX I only have about $100 every other week. I split today’s orders into half and half buys for NEO and IOTA. Next time I’ll pick 2 other coins. Once I get something into all ten, I’ll start rebalancing. I put a huge stack into ICX so I don’t have any extra fiat laying around anymore. And I’m good with that.


i think it’s worth taking a look at WANCHAIN maybe… going to hit the exchanges in the end of jan or maybe early feb…seeing some potential there…the alliance with AION/ICON obviously but the project itself is pretty solid too, atleast in my opinion… ico was sold out in a few minutes last year…

but going with NEO and IOTA at this point is pretty solid i think


It’s on my radar and may displace something on my Top 10 list when it comes out.


It looks better to invest in top 10 coins with monthly rebalancing than with top 20… as in top 10 quarterly the gains are $805,494.69 instead of $1,697,868.73

@sethlouey you can see my spreadsheet and rectify yours to get correct quarterly profits bro… as a lot of members not read all previous chat and base their decisions or assumptions on old one quarterly profit.

The main issue in your sheet is …

  1. Quarterly prices are different for coins.
  2. IN all sheets… prices for Dec 31 are different

I have rectified and here is the spreadsheet… with this actual monthly gains are $1,164,045.99 instead of $973,655.56
and quarterly are $805,494.69 instead of $1,697,868.73

Making monthly decision better over quarterly…!!


Similar situation to me then. Sounds like you’ve got a plan of action that follow-able :'D Sounds good to roll


From the spreadsheet looks like timing is everything as the quarterly results are impressive.


Did anyone do the backtesting with the weekly rebalance yet?

I’ve got a DOGE bounty waiting!


I just bought in to my Top 10. I’m not going to lie… This is kind of a pain in the ass. Binance didn’t have all of the top 10 coins and when I was doing the math, I messed up the displacement of funds.

Total funds invested $2,500

  • So BTC/ETH both got $250 because it was easy to calculate on Gemini
  • Then messed up calculations and only bought $200 of each alt. :see_no_evil:
  • So I ended up with 12 coins overall

Oh well…


It was a pain in the ass. I ended up using 3 exchanges. I found the easiest way is to use BTC value. You just add up all of the btc that you want to use for this and divide by 10 or just move one decimal over. And then just spend that much btc on each coin. So if you started with 1 btc, you would just buy 0.1 btc of each coin. If you started with .8 btc you would buy 0.08 of each coin. I also keep track of all the coins in btc value. This will make it easier when re balancing too. Cause all you will do is add up your total btc value for all 10 coins and divide by 10 and then just adjust each coin to equal that value.


Boom! Doing exactly the same, but you articulated it SO well.

Thank you!


Hey seth,
can you change your entry table? Alot of people here are basing the information on wrong calculation.
Alot of people just dont read the thread with 259 messages :slight_smile:

thx for your work bro!