Rebalancing vs Buying in Top 10: $1,043,902 Profits!



This seems like an excellent way for me to get started with really understanding whats going on. Will do bulk spread top 10 like this and then save a little of my portfolio for playing (trading).
That should balance the personal need to get involved with any new action taking place further down the list.


Welcome aboard! If you want to double down, you can always do Top 5 and put 20% of your funds into @peter’s DCA into some other coins like ICX or IOTA.

The point is to not FOMO. Wishing you many gains. Never forget to set your personal goals.


I have made a copy of the worksheet and edited it quite a bit. Have you detailed what change/correction you made so that I can duplicate it? Wondering if I’ll need to make a new copy and edit again.


Hi everyone,

Started this strategy yesterday with £100 across Top 10 (didn’t go with BCH & XRP). One question, should this strat be ‘fire and forget’, apart from the monthly rebalancing, or should I perform triage on poorly performing coins. Asking because TRON is down 25% at present. So should I remove it and pick next coin NEO (TRON now out of my Top 10) or just wait a rebalance as normal?

Thanks, new to crypto so any suggestions greatly appreciated.


There was some bad data on the quarterly. Honestly, you should be fine if you are focusing on 2018.

Here’s a template for your 2018 tracking that I’m using.


Did you buy TRON when it was down 25% or you invested in TRON and then it dropped 25% now you want to remove it?


@sethlouey, TRON has dropped 25% since buying. I am trying to understand the best way to manage this strategy. Should I sell and replace before the rebalance or just wait until my planned monthly rebalance.



The point of this is to wait a certain time period and take the FOMO out of trading. In a month, TRON could be up 150%.


Yeah, still learning and new to this! Also the other investments could rise to counteract the losses of the losing coins. Makes sense.

Thanks for your help


Thanks. Great idea. @sethlouey
Have 5 that I leave and then a small portfolio I play with- to learn trading.
What’s DCA?


Dollar Cost Average. See @peter’s LTC DCA for last year. Just search dollar cost average Litecoin


I’m happy to claim that bounty in a few hours. :slight_smile:


So anyone tried? How is progress after 10 days into 2018?^^


I’m doing top10+next10 as I said before.

Apart from taking FOMO out of the equation and other things mentioned, we are doing rebalancing for the same reason why we do buy&hold: This is a new market and even if there are short term drops, we assume most of these coins will eventually go up at least during 2018 due to rising demand. Same wouldn’t work for fiat pairs I guess.


Looking forward to it! Ping me when it’s ready and the DOGE is yours!


I’m too lazy to do the backtesting with the weekly rebalance even for a bounty :joy:

But I’m definitely looking forward to yours!


2016 Monthly is insane!


Insanely low, but still returns


Where do you store these coins? Do you keep it on the exchange or use a wallet? (If so, which wallet)?


Amazing job. It helps me a lot with the rebalancing I´ve started yesterday.

I have one question. I would like to add more criptos into the “Selection” Tab, for example up to the 200 rank. but i dont know how to do it. (It could help me with the coins I do traiding)

Thank you very much!!!