Rebalancing vs Buying in Top 10: $1,043,902 Profits!



I recommend storing as many as possible in a hardware wallet.


All you have to do is add the coin symbol that you want in the “Symbol” tab and the info updates


I’m starting this today along with some of my friends. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.


Good time to start IMO. Market seems to be ready for some buying! I started Jan 3 and am doing Quarterly rebalancing vs. monthly. Cheers to experiments!


I’m quite happy with my TOP10+NEXT10 investment so far. Even with the bitcoin going down due to SK FUD, things are looking good! :muscle:

I diversify my portfolio in many ways: BTC, ICON, TOP20, Few “next big thing” currencies and soon some ICOs. I almost gave up swing trading. I finally have less stress and more time to dig into ICOs, Telegram groups and whitepapers. I didn’t pour tons of money into it but beyond the current gains, I believe my portfolio has a lot of potential for 2018 and 2019. Finally starting to understand that BTC is the mothership but also diversification is important for risk management and (when done cleverly in a bullish market) probably for quicker wealth generation.


Its a bit of a read but I hope it helps, tl;dr though Monthly still looks to be better, I even done a monthly of my own with same api from cryptocompare that I used for the weekly for comparison, although as you would find out I’m going to completely redo the weekly just to make sure the data matches 100% with each other to remove human error.


Haha tbh it just seemed like a fun tasks, there’s no way I’d do it manually, so I tried to automate as much of the process as possible.


I just found an index fund that does exactly this. It invests in the top 10 coins, and rebalances every month for you. Looks like you pay a 2.5 percent fee. You also have to invest a minimum of 25,000 USD.


Anyone made progress with the weekly rebalance back tester?


I actually looked at this last night. Might be something I’ll get into next year.


That 2.5% fee is horrendous, but will it be cheaper than the taxes and transaction fees you end up paying doing it yourself?

If I do well in crypto this year I wouldn’t mind putting $25k in to one of these.


Sure have! If you cant find the link above I pmd you.


I did an Excel workbook (converted to gdocs) for the rebalancing. Thanks @sethlouey
Used the data from (only top 100)
Sorry for the formatting - did weekly, monthly, and quarterly. Didn’t include any forks.
The results I got for 2017 were similar as above. 2016 not that great (note: there was the DAO hack mid July 2016 so I set end value to 0)
You can change the numbers in column ‘A’ for a different spread of coins eg. Top 11-20. The values should update automatically. You can also change the starting value (E2)


2016 did 11% better than BTC. I wonder if 2018 results will be closer to 2016 or 2017.


More like 2016 I’d guess. 2017 probably was a fluke. But I wouldn’t mind being wrong :grin:


Hey guys,

As @sethlouey mentioned it we’ve been working on a web version of the spreadsheet. While it’s still in development and may have some bugs i wanted to share it with you first.

You’ll be able to choose from 1 to x coins and select your strategy (HODL or weekly/monthly/quarterly/semi-annual rebalancing).

Hope you’ll like it, still a lot to do but feedback is welcomed!



Mann that website is so slick, also shows if you put $1k since the 31st you’d already of made 500USD back. Dayum.

I was really hoping someone would put something like this up to go through 2018.

Would be super useful to have an option to pick certain coins with checkboxes, not just the top ones and see how they’ve done so far through 2018


Thanks, i’ll be updating data each week as CoinMarketCap provides weekly snapshots.
It’ll be interesting to see the results after this negative week.

And yep, i’ll definitely add some features to allow more flexibility in the simulations.

Thanks again for your feedback :slight_smile:


@sethlouey I have been thinking about this a lot. I dont see an issue. I am curious if you ran this across 5 years vs 1 year and put all funds into bitcoin or really any top 3 coin how it would turn out.


The previous 5 years will not look like the next 5. It won’t make sense to do that because crypto fluctuates so rapidly.