Rebalancing vs Buying in Top 10: $1,043,902 Profits!



I understand what you mean. Especially with the coming market cap. I was just considering this article when thinking about what your doing. Now you are rebalancing on quarterly basis obviously vs day trading but I wondered what the outcome would be in a 2-3 period.


Newb looking at giving this a try with $1000 along with the 100/ wk dca in icx.

I read ‘bloody Friday’, and think that is a traditional sell off day. For rebalance, is there a strategy? Maybe sell off on the first Thursday of the month, and then buy on Friday? Or just do it on the 1st and don’t worry about it?

Awesome life changing stuff!


today is looking muey brutal, amigos y amigas. hope this corrects or else there won’t be anything to rebalance LOL :sweat_smile:


I am really happy that I am doing the rebalancing and DCAing right now cause this is he first time I am not FUDing when there is a big drop like this!


nice this is really interesting and eye opening!
thanks for sharing

btw how can we download the document


I am very happy with my big stack ICX and have begun to fill a top 10 for rebalancing, little by little (I’m not a whale). I’ve put a little bit in NEO, IOTA, and ELF so far, have some funds coming to Coinbase in a few days, but with the dip going hard today thought I’d smash a little bit into 2 more coins (we’re only talking 50 bucks each here, maybe a hundy each).

Thoughts on EOS vs XLM vs DASH vs POWR or even BTC (which I sold out of at almost $19K). I want to pick 2.

Then I’ll be closer to filling out my Top 10 small cap and Top 4 (no BCH for me thank you) large cap so I can eventually start rebalancing.


Just HODLing TOP 1500 coins (almost everything and without counting the fees and the amount of work!) $10k becomes $620k.

And the results are also good for TOP 50-100 coins just for HODLing, seems better than rebalancing and just hodling more of them.

What do you think?


I can guarantee you it is not practically possible.
Even hodling 100 coins would be really difficult !
All those wallets, private keys…
You can try but I think it’s much less work to rebalance 10 coins :slight_smile:


Even that so, (and I agree) just hodling top-20 looks more earningful! If
the site results are true.


Hey, yes agree with @BTL, holding all those coins on all markets seems difficult even if it would generate higher revenues.

Btw the tool is just here to show that holding positions or ‘just’ rebalancing them generated big revenues (in the past at least, nobody knows what’s going to happen in 2018) without being a day-trader.

Choosing top n capitalisations as a criteria to allocate a portfolio seems to be a good choice by the past - even it it’s not the most rational criteria in my opinion - but you could do some researches on projects with good technology, good team, do some stockpicking and make you own portfolio of 10, 20, n stocks that you’ll rebalance every month or HODL all year.
Perhaps a new feature for


I forgot to mention that data have been updated on the site (added Jan 14, 2018 snapshot from Coinmarketcap). Next one will be imported on the 21th.


thanks for this dude! It seems though it is not working right now, correct? No matter what I change in the select fields, the table always shows hodling the top 10


Well actually it’s what I did :slight_smile:
I didn’t just take the top 10 but the ones that I believe in ! (Which is a mix of top 10 and top 20)
(Maybe it will be less profitable that just top 10 I don’t know, but at least I support great project ! and not Bcash or Bitconnect…)


What I wonder is that the revenue grows by holding more coins with the same
amount of investment shared among them. I very know that it’s not
practical. I can’t even manage 20 coins in my current portfolio.

New feature? Yeah. That could be putting an end-date filter there so we can
range limit the results. Thanks!


It’s still in development but changing the number of coins should work, i just tried it a few minutes ago to see wha happened since 2017-01-01 only with 3 coins (results are insane… thank you XRP).

I’m going to try with different browsers and get back to you, thanks for the feedback!


thought I’d let you guys know I just started this today - (late, I know) - most of the money is actually my brother’s but my nephew and I each kicked in 1/6th -

we’re doing top 10 - IOTA wasn’t in top 10 but if it was I’d have skipped it - instead of NEM I did the Binance coin cause they don’t have NEM on binance and I’m inclined to think BNB, with it’s actual practical use case - (to reduce fees) is a good coin

let’s make some money HODL - I’ll start my redistro first friday in April - we got a late start on this but on the bright side I did catch a good chunk of the dip buying today


Late to the party but you actually are going to come out better for it. You did very good if you got in early this morning before prices started creeping back up.

I bought all my coins for my top 10 experiment late on the 15th, and then the next day everything started tanking and I’ve been down about 20% ever since with no end in sight.

I’m starting to be a little pessimistic about the entire crypto market this year. I definitely feel like I missed out on all the really big gains last year and that I’m a day late and a dollar short. We’re still down 300 billion dollars in total market cap unfortunately and if BTC really tanks down to $8k like people are predicting then yeesh.


actually I bought the BTC on the 17th at 11.5 k thinking it would go up to 16k (bought with coinbase fees) - and then I screwed up and forgot to move it to GDAX - more fees -

But I did buy the alts yesterday and when it was all done it was only worth about 2600 of a 3k investment - today it’s 2800 - I know stuff is climbing or going to climb - I’m good to wait for a full year on it - big thing is don’t risk what I don’t have


@woonomic had an interesting tweet on this

"My thoughts on crypto portfolios… I think rebalancing a crypto portfolio to reduce risk exposure to a single crypto-asset is the most intuitive but completely wrong move long term HODL investors make. Maybe your portfolio starts off nice and balanced and may look something like this…

Maybe ICO “C” is that coin you bought only because your friend Carl would not leave you alone and you were sick of mopping up his froth from your new tiled floors every time he visited.
A year later, it turns out ICO “C” has Satoshi at the helm, he has solved the scaling problem, integrates a Vitalik Virtual Machine, promises to impeach Trump via a cryptographic proof and will herald an era of world peace. Maybe your portfolio now looks like this…

You’re now Carl’s new best friend. But you’re gonna rebalance right? You’d be crazy not to right?

Here’s the thing. Under modern portfolio theory you want to rebalance your allocations to manage risk and maximise returns.The maths seeks allocations that constantly balances your downside risk while maximising gains, taking into account every market event that may happen, like say famine, energy shortage, or a madman leading an oil rich nation into war.

This should apply to your whole investment portfolio beyond crypto-assets. But where does your crypto portfolio fit into this? At this stage of the game crypto is so nascent that it falls under a single sector called emerging tech…

Here’s what emerging tech really looks like in the pre-IPO game that VCs and Angels play in. These are unproven technologies that have not yet made it into the public equity markets to take their stake in the global economy.

It’s a power law. Only a few win. And they win big. The rest die.

Rebalancing a high performer is like selling down your Facebook convertible notes to get more MySpace notes to reduce your risk. Like unloading some for in the dotcom era.

Don’t rebalance the winners. Keep to your targets.

Wait a second…. Target allocation?

So what do we use for target allocations? I would suggest an external metric from your portfolio. The best metric I’ve seen is % of the maximum token supply.

VCs do exactly that, they take a % of the equity in (hopefully) the Series A, they never sell out until the liquidity event. They understand the power law dynamics between the winners vs the losers.

Disclaimer: By all means sell a shilled shitcoin pump or a market manipulation. All comments are in the context of long term organic moves on quality projects. This is not investment advice, I just do brain farts, but they smell like roses sometimes. "


Crypto’s a world wide game changer. Like cars. Like electricity. Like computers. Like the internet.

Keep your eye in and look long term for your optimism :rocket::rocket::rocket:

See beyond April…