Rebalancing vs Buying in Top 10: $1,043,902 Profits!



@SRVO check this out


I saw this post and can see what they mean. Personally, I’m still using this tactic for my fiancée’s account because it’s less time consuming.

I think everyone should do their due diligence and research how they want to invest. I simply put the data together for every one.


Wow that was a long thread but I read everything! Thanks for all the time everyone put into this.

I have to say I’m a bit confused on what to do. It seems that this may have worked well last year but doesnt mean much for this year. What are people thinking for this year?

I bought in just before the big correction, and I’m still down 25%, its not been easy. I have also become totally obsessed with research and coins, and every other aspect of my life has suffered because of it. Thats the main reason this tactics interests me. I dont want to get consumed by crypto!

Are people going to do this for 2018? Or more importantly has anyone got any good arguments for why they choose not to do this? Thanks, I’m quite confused!


This isn’t an objection to your post.

I just don’t see how MPT even applies to Crypto with the entire value of the market tied to bitcoin there really is no risk aversion. At least not from a safety point of view. In stocks, you can go to cash and not lose a cent. In stocks, you can offset your risk with bonds that move inversely to what the market does. Crypto doesn’t have any options like that. If Bitcoin goes down it all goes down. I have yet to really see a coin that works opposite to bitcoin. But I never look further than the top 75.

It’s really just so early that you hope your dog doesn’t gas out and die when the field gets consolidated in the next 2 years. I agree with the long-term hodl and bettering on legit projects.


The tendency of Bitcoin to drag everything along is decreasing

Bitcoin’s Market Dominance Is Decreasing, and That’s OK

Contrary to what many headlines would have you believe, if any asset were as dominant in the market capitalization of traditional markets, there would be public outcry and trustbusters at the door. That degree of dominance in other asset classes would be intolerable, and for good reason. Such monopolies mean these assets, companies, and products can get lazy because there is no rush to improve. While I deeply love Bitcoin, it is far from perfect. Anyone saying otherwise is being willfully ignorant.”


UPDATES for Jan 30, 2018 ?
Any weekly, or monthly data to share? I know some people were keen on those periods.


I’m actually in the negative still. I bought on 1/6/2018 and waiting until Feb 6th to make a decision if I should rebalance monthly or quarterly.


I’m also in negative. I started 1/10/2018. I don’t know also what to do…


Never sell in the negative. Just HODL at this point


I bought on the first Friday so the 5th. I think it really depends on if you are looking at the dollar value or the bitcoin value. Because as far as bitcoin value, I am exactly even right now. I have the exact amount of bitcoin value that I started with. But if I look at the dollar value, obviously I am way down. I personally look at the bitcoin value, because the money I put in was going to go into bitcoin anyways. And if I would have done that I would have the exact amount of bitcoin that I started with as well. So at this point I am even.


I have been rebalancing weekly on Wednesday and DCA into VeChain and OMG Friday,started mid December and am up 7k so far.

Changed rebalance to 1st of each month instead of weekly.


Yes, of course! Im not going to sell. Im holding all the coins, I just dont know wether to do the monthly or quarterly rebalancing.

Thanks any way for the advice :wink:


This makes me happy since I am also DCA’ing into both of these. I’m a bit slack at the moment, in the sense that I don’t have a set day. Tend to just look for slight retracements and then put money in. And I am also holding some money aside to put into Wanchain so my amounts aren’t as high as I would like them to be.

How much are you putting in per week on each of these?


I put $100 into each weekly


@sethlouey thx for sharing! agreed, ride the bull - quarterly


Pinging @kastelnik :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


Hey @ShafeeqRockley, I’ve just updated the data on (2018-01-28 snapshot). Sorry for the delay, automatic updates nearly there :slight_smile:


Wow, I just went through all 360 comments! Well worth my time!

Thanks to all who contributed to this great thread!


Has anybody rebalanced yet this year while in the negative?

I’m down 35% as of today and am curious what tactics people are going to use going forward while they’re in the negative.


Since I entered for the first time at the start of the month and am now in red at the end, I only see it most logical to skip January’s rebalancing and just hold out till the end of Feb.

If I were to rebalance everything now it would only mean fewer gains at the end of February.