Rebalancing vs Buying in Top 10: $1,043,902 Profits!



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Interesting to see you a couple of you guys rebalance while down. I’m due for my first rebalance next week but I’m still down 40% or so from day one (started on January 15th). Did any of you guys who rebalanced while down give much consideration to trying to wait out some profit or at least break-even prior to rebalancing?


I decided to be strict and go ahead and rebalance mine since it’s been exactly a month even though I’m still down like 30%. XEM has fallen out of the top 10 so I sold it off to BTC in Cryptopia and transferred that small amount of BTC to Binance. I then bought a single BNB coin to pay for my trade fees which I meant to to originally back last month and forgot to do.

For absolute simplicity sake I then just sold off everything to BTC at market price and and immediately re-bought equal parts of the other 9 coins using market orders. Somehow even after doing this my total portfolio value is $17 higher than my month one value shows to be - at least according to the rebalancing spreadsheet I’m using - but I’m still down 27% since day 1. Hopefully it’s all up from here on out.


Regarding rebalancing, does anyone keep their coins in exchanges while waiting however long before rebalancing period is up?

Or do you guys actually move coins out of the exchanges and just move them back to exchanges when your rebalancing period comes up?

Going to think about rebalancing but not with top-10, rather with a select few other alt coins since the seas have parted a little.


All mine are on Binance right now and I will probably keep them there. I know that is not ideal and if Binance ever pulls a BitGrail I’ll be screwed but I would hate to eat those fees transferring out each month.


About 3 more weeks until the 1st quarterly rebalance for those who started this experiment at the Ney Year… but alts are careening, yowza!

Anyone have any good/bad/ugly to report on executed rebalances and what’s your period? Very eager to get a feel on what’s going on with the whole system.

Read an article today saying that 2018 has already seen 40% of the venture funding that was collected in the entire of 2017. **Also, not necessary to share exact details - just looking for ‘grades’ per se.



Wow I just came across this, is this for real?? omg i wish i saw this months ago lol! Can I share this in a crypto group on fb?


Yes great info. Thanks for sharing.


Mind blown. This completely changes my initial approach and thought process!


Sure. :grin: :grin::grin::grin:


Just remember that this data and technique is to take the emotion out of trading. :slight_smile:


Thanks, and of course I will mention you and the Pub!


What crypto group is it on FB? I might be part of it. lol


Another month has passed and my Monthly rebalancing was due today.
Short Update for those who are interested to know how things are going on a monthly rebalancing schedule.

BTC, XRP, BCH and LTC were up compared to January, however those 4 coins couldn’t outweigh the bearish month of February. Overall the top 10 coins were down -8,52%.

IOTA dropped out of the Top 10 and has now been replaced with XMR for March.


I am interested to see how the tax and fee burdens workout with multiple people trying this approach. I may try this next year on a quarterly basis.


How far down are you overall from day one? My rebalance date is coming up next week. As of right now I’m down 45% overall from day one (January 15th).


I was down -46.85% at the beginning of February and now -8.52%. So overall I am down -55.37% :scream:


My monthy rebalancing was due last Sunday. Another bad month completed Q1 :roll_eyes:

Summary | Top 10 Performance -33,17%

  • Monero (February rank 9) dropped out of the Top 10
  • IOTA re-entered the Top 10 in March
  • biggest loser Neo -48,18%
  • Performer of the Month = EOS -1,54%

After Q1 the entire Top 10 portfolio is down by approx. ~ 68,15%

Anyone else still doing the monthly/quarterly rebalancing experiment?