Rebalancing vs Buying in Top 10: $1,043,902 Profits!



Period : From 2017-12-31 to 2018-07-15 Hodling top 5 starting with 5k you would have had $1, 778 by July

If you did 10k in the top 10 during the same period you would have $3,461 by July

So an all year Bear Market kind of kills the hodling approach if you are a short term frame person,long term the fundamentals are the same and I am hodling on with DCA into 3 coins (XLM,BAT,ICX)


Why does the market always take a hit on Rebalance day! :roll_eyes:

Summary | Top 10 Performance -4.39%

Gainer of the month = Bitcoin Cash 10.78% followed by Stellar 3.15%
Loser of the month = :trx: -12.90% followed by the :ada: -11.50%

No changes in the Top 10 coins.


This has been by far the bloodiest month of the entire year.

Summary | Top 10 Performance -58,04%

Crusher of the month = :xrp: -41.53% followed by :btc: -48.28
Loser of the month = Bitcoin SV/ABC -83.3% followed by the :eos: -69,04

The portfolio is down by ~90% in USD and 50% in Satoshi value.

During the same period Bitcoin USD value dropped by 80%, but I would have kept the same Satoshi value! There is only one thing that doesnt change in a bear market 1 BTC always remains 1 BTC!