Recommended mining software or OS for beginner miner?


Hey guys I’m going to be a noob miner. I wanted to get in on this as a hobby and not a huge money income maker and will be building my own rig. Max gpu cards I’ll have is 6. I started off with two thus far. I bought all the parts from amazon while looking online on cryptorus and other well known mining rig building websites and parts reviews. I am starting off with the EVGA GTX Nvidia 1070 cards and maybe buy the Ti versions later. I decided to stick with Nvidia because I didn’t want to mess around with the BIOS on AMD cards.

The biggest thing for me now is choosing a good OS. I’m thinking of installing Ubuntu Linux on the SSD on the rig, Hive OS, Simple OS, and EthOS. I want to mine ETC, ETH, bitcoin gold etc. I used honeyminer on my Mac via bootcamp and it’s so easy to use and I like the fact it autoconverts your coins mined into bitcoin. But I think it’ll be a while before honeyminer comes to Linux. If I do install Windows on the ssd then I can have different options such as honeyminer or Nicehash on it. What do you guys think and recommend? Thanks for helping a noob. I’ve been googling and YouTubing for hours and days


I’ve used SMOS and loved it but it does cost $2/month per rig, but is super simple and really a set and forget OS
I’m now have moved on to better things like HiveOS and love it plus it free up too 3 rigs and still simple and makes using AMD cards a breeze.
I have not used a SSD or even a HDD I’m using a 16GB USB 3.0 thumb drive and it works amazing plus it runs hardly and voltage my 3 card AMD Rx570 rig is sitting at 350w, thats with bios mod


Thanks so much for a quick response! I’m glad I got on this forum. It does get confusing as a noob when there’s so many different OS’s out there. To be honest I’ve heard and read a lot about how Hive OS is really solid for mining and how easy it is to load onto a USB flash drive and plug it into your rig. A rig is one system with whatever number of GPUs attaches to it right?

Once my parts come in from amazon next week I’ll have a nice weekend project to work on. :slight_smile: how much are you bringing in per day for your 3 GPU rig?


Not a problem man. Im still noobish to mining but was into computers tech prior to me build my first rig.
But yes a rig is the one unit with XX number of GPU. Both of the OS are super simple to flash onto a flashdrive.
I think the last I checked on im pulling $1.90 per day with my 3 Rx570.
Here was my build that I posting in the pub.
My first go around at building a rig!


Would you guys recommend 1070 or 1080 Ti for a 6 card rig to mine ether or Zcash? I’m trying to compare the power usuals and Mh/s. There’s so many different brands out there but amazon seems to have the best price for a EVGA brand SC2.


If you are going after Zcash dont bother with a GPU. The Zmini does roughly 15 x the hash power of a 1080ti with the power usage of 2 x 1080ti.

If you are going after ETH then 1080ti because you can use the EthEnlargementPill miner which makes the 1080ti the best on that algo.


Thanks. Does it matter what brand and sub model 1080 Ti? Or is the cheapest one from a respected brand such as evga, Asus, and Zotac ok?


I know voskcoin did a video recently about all the brands and there warranty if that mean anything to you.


Ok thanks! I’ll check him out. He does make good videos.



I recommend you Honeyminer, if you’re looking for easy to use and well built software. As you say you’re a beginer i honestly think this software would be perfect for you. Attached is a review of the software.


Wow thanks for the video link! EVGA and then MSI all the way for me!!


Not a problem man we are all here to help!


Z9mini :rofl:


As far as hashing goes its all about the cooling as your clock speeds will throttle if too hot. So it really depends on your case or frame. If you are running an open frame you will be better off with the two or three fan models, but if you are in an enclosed cased like a 4RU server case you will want the blower/reference style of card.

You can use both in either frame its just a bit more optimal if you follow the above.


Okay so I bought the 1600 EVGA P2 platinum power supply. Do you recommend a surge protector?


I use hiveOS. In my opinion the best choice in the market.


I have a question, if I am just using four Nvidia evga gtx 1070 SC2 cards and two gtx evga 1070 SC gpu cards for a singe rig with a 1600w Evga platinum P2 PSU, do I need any advanced electrical set up or can I just use a power surge protector? I’m only planning to stick with one rig with 6 GPUs for hobby mining. I watched this video but wasn’t sure if all this was needed for a small rig with 6 cards with the setup as above.


I don’t have surge protection on any of my rigs, I probably should.


Do you just plug it into a normal 120V outlet in the wall with a kill a watt power meter/electricity monitor?