Recovery-giveaway - DOGEs Needed


Hello, cryptonation.

###THIS POST’S JUST GOT UPDATED. Please, read the update below.

As some of you may know, I am currently working on “the comprehensive guide to recovering your crypto” - special pub-only tutorial on how to recover funds in case you forgot (or to be precise, mistyped or messed up) your passphrase or seed.

I need some volunteers who can do some proof-reading and grammar correction (as I am not the native English speaker).
So far the guide is like 80% finished. It’s approximate leight is going to be 10 pages long devided into 5 sections (I just converted it into a word document to see how many pages it would take). It is gonna be available to everyone on this forum (therefore to everyone on the Net). No Patronage required. No download required as it’s going to be just a series of forum posts.

If you want to become a volunteer, please DM me with the title “Guide”. I’ll send you a raw text file and also will include your forum nickname in the Acknowledgement section of the guide.

Also, I am going to include the practice section in which readers can try and recover the specially created wallet to illustrate the process of recovery. There will be some Dogecoin in this wallet to incentivise the users to recover the wallet. Of course, some person can take all off it. But I would strongly advice against doing so…

Since I don’t HODL Doge anymore (I know, I know, shame on me!), I would like to ask the community to step in and donate at least 100 DOGE for a good cause.

If the community would approve such a cause, I’ll update this post with the DOGE address.
That way I can save some time and will deliver the guide in a more timely fashion.

But if not… No problem, I’ll buy that DOGE myself. :grinning:

Thank you very much, cryptofamiily.


The guide is ready to be PUBlished.
DOGE address IS CLOSED. Yoooooooo!


Apologies I can’t help with either of your requests, but would like to thank you for doing such an amazing thing. I Already had serious respect for what you’ve done for members of the community but this is just different class all together. Thanks again @bitvadol your a absolute star :star:


That’s ok, Clarky. I am only trying to do what I can for the community! =)


i approve of your work. keep us posted!


Just came across this. I would be happy to help you proof-read your guide and provide suggestions where necessary. DM me if you’re interested. :sunglasses::+1:t3:


Here is the public announcement on the progress with the guide:

The text (the first iteration of it) is finished. @Nekko and, probably, @MoneyMan (I just DM’d him asking if he still wants to volunteer) are proofreading it. But if anyone else wants to join us, you are more than welcome! The more the merrier!

Will soon (over the weekend) update the original post with DOGE address for donations. We only need a small amount. 2000 doge max. These funds will be split into two different wallets to which the participants are going to “recover” access. One will be the passphrase enabled wallet file and the other will be a BIP-39 12-word seed.

The guide will be published as soon as possible (after proofreading and correcting).

As @peter says at the end:


Yep I’m still interested. DM received.


Ok… After the long wait, the Guide is finally ready and will be PUBlished on Tuesday.
@MoneyMan and @Nekko have helped me a whole lot. Props to them!

I’ve updated the original post with the address. Send your shibas to me! Hahahaha!!! :smiley:


Ok. I just bought 10k of Doge. All this will go into the giveaway.


Anyone? Someone? No-one?
Guys and gals… Come on… Maybe @peter would donate some doge for a good cause?.. :beetconnect:
I bought a good chunk of Doge myself for this. So this is going to be a thing, but hey… don’t let this bear market crush your Doge’y spirit! :bear::doge:


Ok… I am closing the line…
And we officially made… drum roll, please!.. 0 DOGE!
Congratulations to the whole community! /s

But I sort of know why… that’s why I bought some in the first place.


Tomorrow I will publish the guide. And the giveaway.


The guide has been published! Check it out!

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