Reiki Healing by RieAnn: Past Life Resolution & Spiritual Counseling

RieAnn is a Natural Healer in the arts of Past Life Resolution, Reiki, Crystal Healing and Aura Cleansing. Come join RieAnn on her Blogging journey of open expression, spiritual healing and walking the path of a Healer.

As some of you now know, I am a natural healer with an ability to see past lives and how they are affecting your current life. I also do Reiki which utilizes Life Force energy to heal the body.

May my life touch each person that enters it, in a positive way. ___ RieAnn.

Why does my life have to be so hard?

Why do I keep ending up in bad relationships?

Why can’t I seem to get ahead?

Why am I always broke?

How can I ever get out of this depression?
Why am I here?

What is my purpose in life?

What is my passion?

What can I do to help others?

Notice how those questions started out feeling negative and the later questions feel more positive? These are the questions I have found myself asking over the years.

Looking back at the person I was in high school and my twenties, I cannot believe that person was even me.

I was always smiling on the outside and feeling depressed and trapped on the inside.

By my mid-thirties, I was graduating from nursing school. My Mom had a severe stroke, and I was facing a second divorce.

My life was a mess and I was now a single parent with two boys.

My children were my only purpose to keep going on.

I ended up in Montana alone with my boys and trying to start a new life.

“If your life keeps repeating situations, then you are not learning the lesson you are meant to learn”.

Those words struck deep inside me that morning as I sat in church. It was as if a light entered my life.

I started to reflect back on my experiences and, even though each was unique, I could see an underlying theme.

I spent a lot of time reflecting on the patterns I was repeating. This helped me to move forward in a new direction.

I rebuilt my life in Montana, and 11 months later found myself heading back to where I came from. It was not fully my choice, but circumstances made it necessary.

It was time to return and clean up some of the mess that I had run away from. I had, however, learned that I am a much stronger person than I had ever given myself credit for.

Very quickly I was made aware of the reason I needed to be back.

Upon my return, I entered a courtroom to get an Order of Protection against my soon-to-be ex-husband.

He had no idea I was back. The judge told me he was appearing, that day, in another courtroom to force me to send my youngest son back to him.

My being there stopped that case, until further information could be brought forward.

My mother (in a nursing home since her stroke) had lost a lot of weight, was much weaker, and was so over-medicated she didn’t even blink her eyes.

This was my first true experience of “Things Happen for a Reason”.

I am RieAnn.

I want to take you through my journey in life, with the intention of helping you along the journey of your own life.

I want to spread information about spirituality. Taking control of your life instead of just letting life happen to you.

I can offer Reiki treatments and personal consults regarding your past life information and how it is currently affecting your life.

Often healing occurs when these issues are brought forward so you can energetically clear them.

Please feel free to connect with me by clicking the YEN logo YEN%20Hyperlink

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nice love good vibrations

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Question everything!

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Message for 7/3
Focus on the abundance all around you. Do what you love and love what you do.
Today is a day of community, accomplishment, celebration and the birth of new ideas. Working with others who are like-minded with amplify this effect.


Message for July 4, 2019
The state of self-imposed confusion is due to an inner conflict between emotions and logic.
This comes from focusing to much on the details of the problem instead of the solution.
The solution will not come from the help of others, but from a change in perspective to that of a bigger picture.


7/5 message

Defend what you believe is right in order to see your dreams through to the end. Work hard, stand up against your challenges and follow your heart in all you do.
Even defeat will teach you in areas that you need to grow and this will help you to reach higher levels of greatness

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Identify the source of your defeat. If external, identify the lesson you need to learn from it. If internal, release it through the love and support of others.Release of pent up anger and rage is necessary to move towards love and light.


Some vital information may be overlooked. Instead of looking at facts and statistics, pay attention to subtle intuitive signals your body and heart send your way.
Many of our problems stem from the unconscious, so use your intuition to solve them. Dreams meditation and symbols may be your link.

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Do not allow yourself to return to your old ways despite the comfort and ease that it tempts you with. These are lies that the ego tells you.
Stay the course on your new path guided by the spirit of love for all.


It is time to not only go with the flow, but create the flow. The energies are good to move forward with confidence and endurance.


It is time to no longer judge each other regarding connections to God. All paths lead to the connection of all creation as long as that connection is made with love and good intent.

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What you want most may take a long time to bring to fruition but keep your focus. Even in the darkness the Stars still shine. Faith in yourself and your higher power is the key.


This day allows for the power of fire and water combined. (A rate occurrence). Look inside to what you want to change or resolve in your life. Tap into the emotions regarding this and flow into the emotions and situations that that you desire. Burning away what is unwanted and moving forward with new found power

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Change is a constant that you should not resist. Selfishly wanting things to be a certain way will only make your life more difficult. Sometimes a sacrifice of wants is most needed to bring you to the place you need to be.

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Spend some time in nature today to help balance out the modern day and natural world energies.
Appreciating the beauty and abundance of the natural world will help to bring these energies into all aspect of your life.

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Fond memories of the past remind us of the simple in life. Embrace this emotional energy and bring it into the present.

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A conflict either internally between ego and spirit, or externally between competition of those you are working with must be resolved from within you.
The feeling of needing to be right or avoiding the situation needs to be overcome.


Seek within for your gifts in life. Share them freely with others. Channel your creative passions into all that you love.

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