Remembering the 90s/2000s Tech Thread!


Oh ya, it’s time to go down memory lane. Police Quest, Green and White printer paper, all that good stuff.

LETS GO, Sharing is Caring.

Done @kryptokenzie

March 8, 2018 - ROLL CALL! - What a Week... and We’re Not Done Yet!


omg… where do we start?!

i also thought this was @HarryvdV


Although I had a tamagotchi too, I challenge your Teddymon. Let me just do the glitch to get one.digimon


Found these in a box the other day when we moved


Bitcoin forever.


MERYL!!! meryl


Never seen those before with an actual floppy. I have a bunch of matchbox cars and a metal Voltron somewhere.

I thought I was the shiznet when I got one of these a few weeks after release. I carried it to class just like I keep a USB drive on my keychain now lol. 100MB of storage in my hand.






Blow on the cartridge. Maybe it will work then.


No you don’t blow on it you breath on it. lol then you gotta turn it on and off a couple of times.


That’s right. My bad lolol


Ya blowing was NES. not sega.


I guess I was doing it wrong the whole time :sweat_smile:


I remember crying like an absolute bitch to get this


“like an absolute bitch” LOL. That’s great.


Kids these days will never know the struggle of playing those games with only 2 buttons and it take you 3 months to beat the first level of Batman. Fuck that game was hard


Good times… :joy::joy:


It was worth the pain after advancing to nes from an Amstrad pc 464.
Fuck you and your shitty green monitors :facepunch: that was real suffering right there.:cry:

You won’t believe how much restraint I show when my son moans about how long a game takes to load :cold_sweat: