Remembering the 90s/2000s Tech Thread!


Anyone ever play this one? I am surprised nintendo allowed it to be released. :joy:



Yup, I was the first one of my friends to unlock invincibility. beat facility in 2:30 I believe it was.


Nice! Hard to beat those old Boss pedals! Built like a tank.


Imagine gaming on this:




Whoa that brought back memories. I forgot about the network connection window


I do remember being near bullet proof on Day of Defeat with my 300 ping on dial-up, so choppy to hit, lol. Then someone would call and wreck my connection.



I don’t know why I loved this game so much…


cause it was AWESOME


Yes! Metroid was such a great game!


Quake and Half life were ground breaking for the FPS genre. Top notch games and developers.



But we’re they better than goldeneye for the time?


No, goldeneye dominated the fps market for sure. I do love the quake series though. I was a champ on QIII arena online back in the day. :sweat_smile:


I loved Quake man… Awesome game.


This was my first…Intellivision II. I’d get blisters all over my thumbs from that crazy disc controller!



Hl2 even more groind breaking!




And “The Beast” itself: slight_smile:


Yall remember when graphics cards looked like this:



Love the music in this game.