Remembering the 90s/2000s Tech Thread!


I agree and I was surprised how well it still plays apart from the graphics a little poor now but playability is still excellent. Have u played the new breath of the wild ? It’s just as good as ocarina imo


My son is playing it at the mo at work and won’t me me play ha. I often YT the music it really is good :slight_smile:


I’m going to have to get my own :wink:


I was really impressed by it as none have come close to being as good as Ocarina of time. Not sure it’s better but it’s very close :+1:t2:
The music is great too


I love the gameplay. Not too strenuous but harder in places. Music any good? Lol


Music is wonderful :notes:. Mdkxoxkdnx


Haha if only for the music :slight_smile:


Here’s an hour and 12 mins of it. Think I might play it tmz at work as a little subtal’ background music -




So many hours…


OH, geez. that was the machine I learned assembler on and machine code on.


I used to live on the BBS’s. Settled primarily on WWIV and wrote a few multi-player games to run on WWIV back in the day. 9600 baud! I was envious for many moons with my 1200 baud modem until I finally got at 14.4k modem…but that was soon outclassed too.


How is it nobody put up the game that began it all…


I had Kenga Kid

It was pretty robust and well made. The abs plastic was hard rock… Dropped it a few times.
Pretty sure it would still work :slight_smile:
Anyone had these?


Speaking of BBS’s, who remembers the days of CompuServe, Prodigy, and when Earthlink was Mindspring?


Ah, the days when those services spread their floppies to every mailbox and grocery store checkout lane as means of promoting their wares.


Oh yes. John Carmack (id software) was my idol as a kid. Those 2.5D games are legendary.


NETSCAPE! or JUNO email!!




Wow, so many great memories on this thread.

Here’s my contribution…

Probably more of an 80s thing, but still I thought it was cutting edge at the time.


Hopefully brings back some memories