Remembering the 90s/2000s Tech Thread!


I will explode this thread later lol.






I think alot of us would have been really close and swapping games back n forth constantly lol

I was born '85. I remeber having an Atari as my first game consol n sitting on a single strip of carpet in our living room playing games while my dad n his friends were building the house around me… one day i remeber asking them to stop hammering cuz i couldnt hear my game hahaha. Then i got the “get you ass outside n play in the woods boy”


Homestar runner and TROGDOR THE BURNINATOR!



The OG.


Who remembers this golden gem



Can’t forget this of course



how is this 90’s 2k tech? LOL

parachute pants tech?


Them pants n those steps… very technical :joy::joy:


the first search engine i used in middle school


Don’t even get me started. TLoZ is so dear to me. :sparkling_heart:




AoL was originally the General Electric Network for Information Exchange (GENIE).

GE Sold it back in early 90’s where it became AoL.

I do remember using GENIE back in the day using a 2400 baud X.32 modem into AustPac to route across to the U.S. over the old X.25 public data networks with 7 bit even parity.

This is the time when I was at GE and we developed the QuikComm programs (the original Email service) on the old Honeywells and is why to this day, email attachments are still encoded. In the old days, 8bit data bytes was not available, so you had to encode 8bit data to 7bit data. It is sad that email still does it today and no one changed it or made it better, even though it is totally not required anymore.

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Love this thread…

I’m remember having dial-up internet and the sounds it made. and of course the OG



Yes, the aerodynamics in those MC Hammer pants enabled him to glide across the stage! The energy generated while he wooed the crowd was enough to power his phone–>