Remembering the 90s/2000s Tech Thread!


I remember seeing that phone in Junior high. I was like “who the hell needs a cell phone?!”


NEDwYenVc3lJGM_1_1Jonny 5 is alive!!



Only thing I could find that was old besides Jonny 5


I was an excite guy myself



This game friggn rocked

Of course


Anyone play this? I have the strange desire to got to my folks and steal the sega, pull this game out and get shit faced drunk on rum.

Also a nother good one.


(Had a great sound track as well)


haha I watched that the other day. Not bad.


Loved that movie! Though Johnny Lee with american accent? Nah.


Spent too many hours in arcades playing this baby…


What about the old Ninja Turtles Arcade game. They’re like 3k now




I loved the scene where he was on that building tapped into the satellite through an antenna!


90’s/2000’s? Pffft. How about this bad boy from the 80’s! I learned to program in Basic with it. I eventually upgraded to the Commodore 64 and my mind was blown with the 64K of ram!


kings quest was my og jam


Who on earth could forget:


My first mobile phone:

nokia nokia2

Spent many hours playing Snake:



I had that Nokia awesome phone and u could change the face plate covers. Still remember the tv advert with the different coloured face plates hanging on the washing line.


I’m petty young so the only guys I knew with that Nokia sold illegal products