Remembering the 90s/2000s Tech Thread!


The gold nokia phone was a tank. I dropped that thinf 2 stories and it kept ticking. Also dropped it in water with no issues. It had sneak and brick breaker i think.

What aboit the Razor… such a cool phone.


I don’t know what you guys are talking about. this tech isn’t that old.
here is the 386 Laser desktop I’m talking to you guys on, Works fine!


Shoulda went ti-88. Thats a nice home rig. You must work IT at a bank!


Sim City 3000. Played this for years


Oh snap i forgot!

Badassery in that game.



56k Modem days :joy:


Don’t worry your money is safe in this unhackable terminal!




WOWOWOW mine was internal.

I didn’t think these existed anymore but they do. So surprised. The antenna wireless card



Name the social media site



Anyone remember using Bebo? Lmao msn messenger?


msn messneger LOL

What abot roger wilco in game voice talk til your 56k crashed


lol you will be surprised i have cleaned out server cabinets and in the back there sits a 20 year old 56k dial-up modem full of dust.

Just throw them away :joy:


I remember playing lemmings off a floppy disk! Lol


Castlevania anyone? Contra anyone?


Myyyyy jammmmmmmmmm. Castlevania on PlayStation


You mining Bitcoin or Monero on that? And how many terra-hashes you mining at? :rofl:


Prince of Persia!



Killer Instinct was a big game. Remember turking that at the game shop with my classmates. However, Mortal Kombat was always king!