Remembering the 90s/2000s Tech Thread!


So rich, you actually had the CD version.


Hah! Yeah, they weren’t cheap but it lasted several years. Would probably still work if I had it today.


Now I feel old :stuck_out_tongue: .


remember countless hours of going to the arcade or liquor store and putting your quarters on the screen for next game?


Anyone remember this from childhood?



beat it.

and the sega game too. Carpet ride was the best


Alladin on the Sega was hard. Did u use a game genie :genie:‍♂️ remember them?


LOL @ game genie. Memories. (sega version 2)



My first intro into computers was an Oric. My friend up the play park had one and I wanted one too :slight_smile: oric


I remember them. We rented it once to beat echo the dolphin. But no, beat it straight up. Along with Sonic too. Sonic was a bitch at the end. The airplane.




…was this xanga?! omfg i might still have mine somewhere


omfg i had this too… the feels man omfg


lemmings was my shit omfgggggg this thread is killing me with these throwbacks


STRONGBAD!!! :muscle:


We all got our HTML start at:


Watched funny stuff at:



Returned the Power Glove after 1 week and exchanged it for a Game Boy. Probably one of the best decisions of my life.

This tech was not strong enough to get me above the rim.


that soun track still gives me goosebumps :clap:


I see your nes zelda and raise you gamboy zelda


I raise you Gameboy Wario!