Remembering the 90s/2000s Tech Thread!


HAHA i had some pumps


Oh my god I used to ditch school with my friends and go to a gambling pool hall where all the old men hung out and i played the TMNT arcade game until I beat it!! Can you imagine a 13-14 year old girl during school hours smoking cigs playing games in pool hall lol. Back when you could smoke indoors lol.



I cant stop posting on this thread! lol



I had that on a very old pc or console cant remember which. Also enjoyed that silent sniper console and Alien



doubt these would fly off the shelves like they did when I NEEDED them lol


This was my friend for years



Oh wow! can’t believe we missed the ONE thing we ALL used heavily in the 90’s

Remember: 143?


Digital huh? A friend had board game


637:pager: I remember my parents believed pagers were only for drug dealers


Best console ever

This was also bad-ass



This was my first console


damn! i had one of those. fucking eggshell sony headphones too~~~



This was the shit! Reverse polish notation.


War craft 1 and 2 were amazing games loved them then world of Warcraft came out and it went downhill as a series from there. Do u think Warcraft would still play on a modern pc?


Warcraft 3 was the last of the series that i played. I dont think why older games wouldnt play well on older pcs. Let me know if you manage to try it out.


I don’t have the games anymore and I’m sure it would be a nightmare to get them to work. Warcraft was amazing loved that game



Reminds me of mech warrior and m1 abrams