Remembering the 90s/2000s Tech Thread!


looks like live journal to me :smiley:


anyone remember when the internet was first getting started where you went to see the most messed up stuff you can think of? (faces of death was still on vhs and live leak hadn’t even been imagined yet)



… This was like the most annoying game… Miss the move by a millisecond and back to the beginning again!!


This was my gateway drug to gaming…Elite on the old BBC Micro… Hours wasted flying from space station to space station until some OP Ai pirate turns up and blows your character to space dust…cannot believe that was in 1984.


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Wasn’t a site called steak and cheese with all the grewsome dead bodies decaying for months.


possibly but the only one my young self knew of was consumption junction. no social media and good search algos to help messed up kids see messed up stuff lol


Me and my friend literally spent hours building our forces to face off in command an conquer. Such a fun game.


Yeah wish they would bring it back. There use to be a pc shop near us were they would do all nighters on a LAN party back in the late 90,s. Possibly one of my all time favourite games. C&C generals is good to


1st pc i had to browse BBS systems!
and on a 9600 baud modem!


Sensible World of Soccer - Best football game(s) ever!! :fire::fire::fire::fire:


Without a shadow of a doubt, graphics where basic but the gameplay was unbelievable. :fist:


White men can’t jump :stuck_out_tongue:


I wish they would make another MW series. Played all of them. Felt like i was really piloting my own mech because of the controls


The good news is myth is still going.


Arguably one of the best FPS. So many late nights staying up playing this with the lads.


Indeed golden eye was absolute quality back then but hasn’t aged to well now unfortunately.


OH man, we used to play to 100. License to kill. It got so bad we were all walking around looking at walls to hide locations. People in college didnt believe me til I won every game 10-1. It was sad how good I was.


LMAO me too I unlocked all the cheats. Also was a champ at Mario Kart 64.


Arguably the best Mario kart to