Remembering the 90s/2000s Tech Thread!


Oh yeah. N64 did have some revolutionary games.



Loving this thread bigly…

Lets just say N64 and all the multiplayer games ruled the 90s for me. Lots of sore thumbs and getting punched by friends and family lol.

Then Internet Cafes became a big thing. Which were all owned primarily by Koreans where I am from.

They served us things like:

I remember sneaking out of the house with my cousins to these internet cafes to pawn some noobs at:

Ok I think thats enough… man talk about strollin down memory lane here


Still plays great today



Man, still holds a huge spot in my heart. The greatest game ever made.


That’s difficult to call but certainly the best Zelda but my favourite ever is possibly FF7


Love that game! I bought it for the 3ds just for nostalgia. Sweet memories of the good old water temple lol.



N64 was actually a lot better console than it gets credit for really now I think about it


I remember my brother worked at a video rental store and snuck a copy of Zelda home a few days before it was released on the market. I think I was sick from school that whole week :joy:


The new Zelda BOTW is really good have u played it ?


Yeah I have it for wii u, beat it but still only at 23% complete. That game is absolutely crazy. Way too much to do.


Better than ocarina of time ? I didn’t think it was better but it very close. Great game :sunglasses:


I think it is damn close. It is the zelda game I have been dreaming about since first playing OOT.


Man I forgot about live journal! Good times



Stock image but I have one in a box at home along with 3 others from the 80’s worth quite a penny these day & sound great.


Classic, :fire: :fire:


The game where I (remember) where I heard my first cuss words