Remy- Bitcoin Billionaire


Bitcoin Billionaire
Bitcoin Billionaire Video
Welcome to Water Cooler

Haha I love it ! asdaf


lol! this is so great… main stream radio ASAP, please!


Man, that ending was gold!


I have been singing the chorus non stop.


Bahahaha this is amazing


Hahaha :laughing: :yum:The ending is good indeed :doge:


Lol. It’s catchy and will put a smile on tour face


Shoulda got that faraday cage LOL


Holding that qr code at the end bwahahaha


My Mate @peter i need to see this song like an anthem of the next live on bitesize Bitcoin.

Ps.: I’he tryed to post that as a video and its not supportable, so i post the facebook link


Sorry. I don’t click on facebook links!