Reply button problem

As suggested by @Nathan_D, replying to a specific comment does not show the person you are replying to in your reply intermitently…
Too many reply reply reply :smiley:
Let me explain…
If you press the reply button in a comment block, you should be able to see the person’s icon/avatar in your new comment.

You do not see the persons icon in your reply UNLESS you click on the comment area first, which then changes the URL to something like.
42 pm
(The last number in this example is /9 is the comment that you are trying to reply to)
& hit the reply button of the comment which works fine…
If the URL is missing the comment number at the end & you press the reply button in that comment section, the persons profile icon does not appear on your new reply. The system thinks you are just replying to the main topic.
Please let me know if you need more clarification.
Using Google chrome latest + macos 10.12.6
Thank you.


Any progress on this? It’s still happening to me with at least 50% of my replies, and I’m seeing that it’s equally common with other posters.


What theme are you using?

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Default dark theme.
Happens with the new theme also.


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