Report: Tron Has Fastest Growing DApp User Base, Ethereum Still Developers’ First Choice

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Report: Tron Has Fastest Growing DApp User Base, Ethereum Still Developers’ First Choice

A report released on April 9 by DApp (Decentralized Application) analytics website reveals that Tron (TRX) has the fastest growing DApp user base while Ethereum’s (ETH) DApp user base is shrinking.

On the Ethereum chain, there was a 4 percent decrease in the number of DApp users compared to last year. About 72,422 old users are still using Ethereum-based DApps in 2019. Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) are responsible for more than half of the ETH DApp transaction volume, followed by gambling apps.

Also, gamers were reportedly the most active ETH DApp users, with over 40 percent of the daily active DApp users being gamers, up 10 percent in Q1. The report states:

“The Ethereum-based games have already created a stable community with a group of loyal audience.”

Per the report, in Q1 2019 504 DApps were added to the list, of which more than half were Ethereum-based:

“It shows that Ethereum is still the No.1 choice for developers to build their dapp on. At the same time, we also have seen a trend in multi-chain developing, as many Ethereum dapps expand on multiple chains, such as Ethereum + EOS or Ethereum + Tron.”

The number of active DApp users on the Tron blockchain reportedly amounted to over 300,000, while on EOS around 260,000. Also, by the end of Q1 2019, the number of Tron wallets reportedly exceeded $2.3 million and about 15.46 percent of them interacted with DApps. The main driver of growth in the number of Tron DApp users were purportedly gambling apps.

About 85 percent of Tron’s DApp users interacted with the apps in Q1 2019, which means that this is the most active chain among the four blockchains.

The report also points out that 95 percent of EOS DApps reported a transaction in the first quarter of the current year, as did over 80 percent of Tron and Steem (STEEM) based decentralized applications. On the Ethereum chain, which beats the others when it comes to the number of apps it hosts, there were nearly 600 DApps which did not report a single transaction over the past three months.

As Cointelegraph reported earlier this week, Tron has revealed the expansion plan of its second layer DApp scalability solution, the Sun Network.

At the end of March, various experts claimed that the Ethereum network is losing ground as developers switch to other networks.


But wait, I thought Tron was a scam? But now it’s not? I believe this picture will look much different a year from now, as Tron will continue to dominate. They have much more momentum as well. From what I’ve heard, Tron to partner with Ethereum. This will be good for both coins and the industry.


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