Research survey for my masters thesis on ICOs


Hello dear pub fellows,

currently I am writing my master thesis regarding information sources used by retail investors for their ICO Investment.

On this behalf I would be glad, if you can help me by answering my research survey.

To answer this survey, it is mandatory that you participated in at least one ICO!

With the help of this online survey, I would like to gain insights about the influence of publicly accessible ICO information and develop recommendations for further actions as part of my master thesis.

The survey is evaluated anonymously and all obtained data will be treated confidentially.

Many thanks for your efforts and
kind regards,



Hi my name is @sebrock and I approve this message.
@Ronin911 is a colleague of mine going through my company‘s master student program.
Let’s support his efforts to deliver a top notch master thesis by taking part in his survey.
It literally only takes 2-3 minutes.

Thanks to all!

@peter or @john maybe you could promote this post, so my buddy will get as much data from the survey as possible from the power of the pub swarm :heart:️:muscle:


Push;) Dear community, please help me in conducting my research survey for my master thesis! I need all help I can get :wink:

Thank you!


Push!!! Come on guys;)


Another Push!!! Make it happen!!


push it like its hot


This is the last week to collect data;) Please community help me in the final sprint!

Thank you very much!


-cough- just make up the results -cough-