Retailers tricks to get gamers GPUs

So I’ve been back down the GPU rabbit hole :rabbit: armed with a couple thousand trying to see how many I can get that are closer to what I feel the value should be.

Setting up with an account specialist at CDW to try to place an order with their limits

Stumbled onto this as well-

may be the key to the secret passcode to getting cards more affordable when available. My time at fry’s has been leading me to a similar conclusion- the visits where I got help and was able to be put on a list I was buying a full builds worth, monitor, headset and all
Resold the computers i built at a pc repair shop I work at when they have extra hours (gives me access to buying older GPU models I wouldn’t advise for buying to mine but work for resale value) and sold one computer to my brother

Newegg has deals for cards with Monitors and full rigs even- but these get snatched up or are a deal for a card not worth mining on

Best Buy has had some deals for a pretty shitty overall pc that happens to have a good GPU in it if you look at the descriptions of all of them- but they get sold out quickly so I don’t have any solid links

So I’m going to send my friend on the east coast into micro center to scope these “deals”. Luckily he fried his main computer and is repurchasing parts anyway (bitter sweet, but good for science!) and I will update with details on him, and I will be trying any stores I can find within a few hours of my area… also need to consider trying Canada :canada: since it’s within reach

Has anyone had any experience with stores where you had more success under a certain condition?

And any info anyone has on what they have been able to purchase recently I am trying to compile to find which areas and under what conditions can someone get the best deal who wants to start out- and yes I know this is a lot of work for something that might not pan out but I enjoy stuff like this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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