RideOne, a decentralised ride-hailing platform



I just stumbled upon this website: https://rideone.io/. They describe RideOne as the world’s first decentralized ride-hailing platform which will be powered by the NEO blockchain.

After a quick look at their white paper, it looks like they’re trying to achieve something similar to what Travala is trying to achieve with the travel and tourism industry.

For now, the infos are pretty scarce. What are your thoughts about this project?



Wow. Full circle. Amazing.

Thanks for posting this death.


The guy also have a website dedicated to him and his “work”: http://marco-staal.info


And then, there is this contradictory tweet: https://twitter.com/RideOne_io/status/1041307847244562432?s=19


Hi @gilcn and @peter,

Please be advised that we are currently dealing with a particularly malicious targeted attack. Members of our team have been personally targeted in a bitter attempt to discredit the project. We will be taking some time off-line over the coming days to deal with this attack, and I assure you we will be back online soon.

I ask you to closely follow the official RideOne twitter page for the only source of accurate information in this time.