Rise of an Online Marketing Phoenix: SkyDaisy Media Leads to Business pt1

SkyDaisy Media. Your personal Online Visibility & Local Marketing Strategist, born and raised from the fastest growing Social Media Meta Exchange & Open Source Syndication Platform on the Market Chapter 1

From the Get-Go

I am well known as RavenSkyDaisy or (RavenSky) to the PUB and our local YENizens.
If my memory serves me correct, February 2019 marked my One Year Anniversary as an official & loyal member of TheBitcoin.pub
I also had the pleasure of being part of the official launch party of YEN.io in Atlanta Georgia and partook in YENs Alpha Cohort preforming R&D.
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Blur of a Roller Coaster Ride

I quickly made a name for my self in within the PUB and Decentralized TV community by utilizing my digital media PS6 skills, producing nearly 19 crypto centric digital art pieces.
More notably when “V3: SURVIVE” was created:point_down:

One of my personal favorites was “V10: Dawn of Bitcoin” (below)

And more recently, the custom art piece that was created for the October Meet up and official launch party of YEN. (below)

Fight Club on Discord

The 3rd longest running private Discord Server dedicated to the inhabitants of the PUB and the
newly arrived YENizens.

Digital Media, Content Builders, and newly introduced Cryptocurrency Miners

Soon after the official PUB Discord server was canceled due to the launch of YEN, I decided to create FightClub.

I initially created FC so I had a central platform to store and document all of my digital art and all the tools I was using.

Over the next 7 months FC became a ‘hub’ for shadow building content creators who also needed a place to connect with like minded creators.

FC is still active although it has more or less become a data base for digital media tools rather than a lively chat mechanism.

To date, FC is packed full of nearly 70+ individual threads with topics ranging from:

  • General Chat: 11 threads
  • YENiverse: 6 threads
  • e-Commerce: 4 threads
  • Digital Toolbox: 6 threads
  • Mining Shaft: 7 threads
  • Workbench: 9 threads
  • e-Comm Beginners Course: 12 threads of which I personally put down $500 to purchase the course.
  • e-Comm Advanced Facebook Ads: 8 threads of which was an additional $300 purchase.
  • And a newly created and still a work in progress SEO (search engine optimization): 20 threads

And it doesn’t stop there.

The shear amount of Data that was collected and stored in FightClub cannot be counted.
As of recently, FightClub is more or less in a holding pattern for continued data collection.

Crypto Mykel, our lead MOD for FC and myself are still not sure what the fate of FC will be, so for now we are simply laying low and waiting for the time when FC will rise again, or be put to rest.

Legacy Building

My time with Thebitcoin PUB and YEN will never be forgotten as it still plays a major role in my content creation and online brand building.

In the next chapter I will be discussing what the end result was after collecting all of this data and how it eventually evolved in to SkyDaisy Media.

Thank you for tuning in as I know your time is precious, which is why I intend to make it worth your while, especially if you are a content creator, local business, or a general Startup.

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:point_up_2:t3: you the man! you’re grinding it so hard. can’t wait to see what this year brings for you!


Looks good. I like the idea of the project

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