Roger Ver vs Charlie Lee Debate


Part 1

Part 2

EDIT: Full debate released

This one is more tolerable than the Jimmy Song vs. Roger one.


Well done chuck!!!
Love your calm attitude.


Part 1, Charlie tried to refine his point on Twitter with multi-parter tweets. LN will be a game-changer for Bitcoin. Under regulation, it’s not a far reach to argue that LN, and it’s network of nodes, will take on similar characteristics as current public, grey, dark, etc… markets. Bitcoin will persist, whatever way you want to use it.

Ripped to shreds in part 2. Charlie tries to lighten the conversation by talking about what’s in a coin name. Head shaker.

Bitcoin is still being spent frivolously to test the network, serve proofs of concept, and buy merch. Giving it away has run it’s course, spending it within the community bitcoiner-to-bitcoiner is growing, looking forward to the next step - LN is the solution.


#stopthebullyingincrypto hahahaha


man, Charlie Lee calme is killing me !! how can he be so calm and not jump on Roger’s face :rofl::rofl:

i am assuming that’s the nature of a Silent Ninja right ? :man_superhero: