Roger Ver's Thoughts on Bitcoin Cash Upgrade



Sad roger… hmmm worth watching?


He’s showing lots of reflection, maybe a little bit of regret…first video I’ve thumbs upped for roger in over a year. I like this Roger Ver. Maybe he will eventually make his way back to the real bitcoin. That would be awesome for the space.


Just finished. Maybe he’s coming around? Or maybe he’s just miffed.

A bit of humility there… is nice to see.


just sad for roger yes i really liked the video

don’t know what will happen to his bets



I have some BCH in my Ledger, is it recommended to move to Binance or sell it before the hard Fork?
If I leave it on the Ledger, how to claim the new coins?

So i heard that will be two different chains BCH ABC and BCH SV.
How about the existing BCH?


Sell it for bitcoin I’d say


Imagine in the fiat world that the gov tells you that they are going to hard fork the USD and you can’t spend your money for two days, and after that you will have USD-A and USD-B. :joy:
All these crypto hard forks seems to make things messy and complicated.


At present you’ll get ABC and SV some time after the fork.

Right now it looks like BCH SV, if it survives, will become just another one of those miscellaneous alts that populate the space. The bets right now are that BCH ABC will survive and thrive.

Things could get messy for a few days after the fork. BCH SV has indicated that it’s going to put up a blockchain fight with BCH ABC for hashing power and survival.

It’s up to you to read and understand what’s going to go down with this fork. I’ll not advise anyone in the forum as to what to do with their BCH. I do not own any.


Seems like possible disaster. I dont own BCH, centralization like this is partially why.