RPM’s constantly drop to zero

We are new to mining and we are mining bitcoin on 6 ROG STRIX 580 Radeon Top overclocked editions.
Our power supply is a EVGA 1200 P2 and mobo is the BIOSTAR TB250-BTC. We are mining using the Mega Miner program.

When we are running the program, it reads that the RPM’s are constantly jumping between on and off. Is this a problem and can It be fixed? Thanks!

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Need more more information. Please provide your build specs. Did you build it yourself or purchase it from someone else?

The very first thing that caught my eye is the wattage of your power supply. I quickly plugged in some information on cooler master’s website to see if the power supply size is adequate. I don’t know what your overclock settings are but based on the calculator, they recommend 1298 watts.

What overclock program are you using?

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We built the rig ourselves. But I’m not sure what you mean by “build specs”. Can you be more specific?
We are using the ASUS tweak overclock program.
Also, A friend of ours seems to think that the rpm’s dropping is no problem and won’t affect the mining. Is that true?

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what are you trying to mine i have a rig with 580’s mining equihash and use claymore works fine.

just watch temperatures if its below 60 you are fine maybe your ambient temp is low and fans are not needed to cool it.

Although i recommend you set the fans at a set speed. ex: I run mine at 50% all the time

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We are mining Bitcoin and the rig is around 65-67 most of the time.

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We also have a problem with the computers sometimes randomly restarting, causing them to stop mining until we sign back into the computer. Could that be related to the power supply not having enough wattage?

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only asics can mine bitcoin as its a sha256 algo,

Just put a temperature limit of 80 if the cards get anywhere near that they will begin to throttle to keep themselves from dying.

The restarting could be power related or a riser might be bad.

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Its the ROG strix GPU that is doing this. You need to manually tune the fan curve and this might have to be done in the ASUS Tweak 2 software and not afterburner. Didn’t see there were two issues here but this is in reference to your Fan issues.

The restarting or having to log back in in because the computer is going to sleep which I am not sure how but turn all your power settings to performance and to never lock the screen.

If the computer is actually shutting down and restarting this is more than likely a BSOD error caused by a high overclock.

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Begin testing with one card and see if it restarts if it doesn’t have issues add another card.

This way you can figure out at what point your miner is restarting and what to do to fix.

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You said only ASICS can mine bitcoin? I don’t know what that is but we are definitely mining Bitcoin.
We have tried putting on one GPU at a time, the problem does seem to only happen with 6 GPU’s but it happens so sparcly and randomly it’s hard to tell.

All the sleep setting are set to never. The computer is definitely turning off and restarting again.

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If you are using NiceHash then you are mining an alt coin but getting paid in Bitcoin. There are also other services that are similar to this.

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Every coin has an algorithm for example

bitcoin uses sha-256

hush uses equihash.

Ether uses ethash

Monero uses CryptoNight

in order to mine it you run a software Ex:claymore. ewbf and the software connects you to a pool in which your miner works for a piece of the block payout. The more hashes the bigger the reward,

Once the block has been found they pay you a little bit of whatever coin you are mining. When you reach a threshold they send it to your wallet at which point you can sell it or hodl.

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that might be what is going on :+1:

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RPM’s dropping to 0 is not a problem but I would suggest setting to a min fan speed of 30% the ramping up and down will wear the fans out quicker. For gaming and normal use this ramping is not a problem.

Have you tuned the power down on your cards? This is done in the ASUS tweak software. You are way over your power budget if you have not done this.

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Manuel, I think you are correct. Thank you, I’m obviously a beginner and I’m learning more every day.

We haven’t turned down the power of the cards. Will that slow their work? Should we just get a larger power supply?

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Begin with setting the power limits to -10 on afterburner they will slow down but it will be minimal.

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