Run a bitcoin full node on your phone




Who has a spare 250GB to store the Bitcoin Blockchain on their phone? Not me.


Depends if you are willing to fork out for a bigger memory card


But why? LoL… Run it on a PC or Raspberry Pi. Why a phone? Makes no sense except for bragging rights.

It’s painful enough on a Raspberry Pi.


I feel like i should know but i dont. What are the benefits or reasons why I would want to run a full BTC node on anything ?


Everyone who uses bitcoin should try and eventually reach the point where they maintain their own full node.

A node is your vote on the consensus of the network. It is as equally important as the miners.

With your own node you can verify payments, fetch UTXOs and broadcast transactions and know with 100% certainty that they are accurate.


i heard we can use two apps on the phone as a node/lightning


Yes, zap is a really awesome lightning application. They are doing good work on that.


@heavilyarmedclown is there a plug and play version of lightning yet? I’m not very technically inclined, but I’d like to setup a full node on its own computer. Are there any good resources for obtaining the most secure hardware/software? Is there a “typical” setup that most people are using with ease?


No it still isnt exactly easy to do on your own. The closest thing I’ve found is a casa lightning node which are on backorder. Mine is supposed to arrive in December.

If you’re determined and have a little tech savvy, you can surely set one up on your own, but definitely do your homework and understand it’s sort of in a beta phase


Just had a loom at their website, might get one my self


@heavilyarmedclown I understand the risks involved with potentially losing value with lightning node. Roughly, how much $ are we talking about for the node itself? I understand that each channel/node has to be loaded with BTC, but I’m just asking about the hardware/software cost. I’m also wondering if now would be a good time to get involved or if I should wait for later iterations with a more seamless UI. Thoughts?


@heavilyarmedclown I just ordered a Casanode. Thanks for the info. I hope it’s as easy to setup as they make it out to be on the website. I’m eagerly looking forward to running it.