Run your rigs with no monitor/keyboard/mouse/mess!

im reposting my response from another thread. i see alot of people struggling to get their rigs running after the build. the solution – smos. i learned about it from phil over at the bitcointalk forum. hes much awesome :doge:

i want to let everybody in on the easy mining secret. its called SMOS. no fuss/no mess with monitors keyborads or mice! ill link to their website and also 2 videos on how to set it up below. you simply copy the operating system to a USB stick and plug it into the mobo. PLUG AND PLAY. that simple.

BITSBETRIPPIN is the kingdoge of mining. much awesome :doge:

below is a second shorter 10 minute walkthrough to get your feet wet.

youll need a usb stick with atleast 16gb. something like this

im using that specific model in testing rig. let me upload a photo

as you can see, no monitor,no keyboard, no mouse, no mess!

happy mining!

some folks are asking for links to other parts of this mini rig. i will provide links below.

these are literally all the parts you need for a beginner 3 card build! APART FROM GPUS, OF COURSE!


Great job posting this. I’m seeing a lot of people too struggling with getting rigs up and running. I think it’s time for me to go LIVE and build a mining rig…again.


Probably good to do this. Yes.

I love SMOS after I spent two weeks with unstable rigs I slapped in SMOS and the two rigs have been rock solid for months now. People just have a hard time letting go of the Windows, Mouse, Keyboard, and Monitor as a normal computer needs them.

Your mining rig is not a normal computer It only needs an internet connection and you can do the rest of the setup from your main PC.


I’d love to build one, but i’d also love to fund someone else to build/manage. :rofl:


Definitely reduces the costs of a rig as well.


absolutely, i watched your old stream with bitsbetrippin the other day. carter is the big doge of mining :doge: much cool!

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THIS! we dont see people running around with keyboards/mice/monitors for their asic machines. our gpu rigs are no different, albeit, a bit more technical.

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Yea, he has been doing this for a long while.

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X2 :rofl: Even though I’ve built all my PCs for years, I feel a mining rig I could screw something easily lol

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long while is an understatement. the dudes been in the game since the beginning. check out his miners state of the union from last night. this guy really understands the market in a way that none of us do.

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I watched the 2 hour live stream not knowing what was going on. Mostly gibberish to me. But I kept on. I think the guy just reminded me of my childhood when I would go to baseball card shows. Most card dealers had a beer belly like this guy. I guess that was reason enough for me to watch.

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hahaha i guess his channel is a bit technical. his stream last night was only 30 minutes. it has nothing to do with rig builds, but about what he saw at TNABC in miami last weekend and what he foresees for 2018. 90% of what i learned about mining, i picked up from him. and my background has NOTHING to do with tech.

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Are you in the BBT discord? If so what is your name there trying to see who we have as members of both. I am a moderator for BBT’s discord. FeseciousNekko on Discord.

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I like when he gets away from the rig builds. I love mining but just seeing build after build after build gets a bit old hehe. I now pretty much only watch his non-rig build video’s unless I need to reference something.

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i keep hearing about discord but havent tried it out. took me 4 months to jump into the pub. ill join after tonights live stream.


Its just a different way of communicating. For me its nice as I have several different discord servers up at a time that I can switch between. I like the Pub forums for searching and lengthy informational posts but for live conversations I think Discord works better for the back and forth.

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Sorry. I should have specified what I was talking about in reference to him doing this a long time. I was talking about his YouTube channel. Still “long while” may be an understatement. He has been doing videos since 2013. Possibly longer if they were on a different channel.

Lots of good information from the guy. Glad I was able to have a discussion with him regarding mining. Hoping to get a live discussion with VoskCoin one day too. Anyone got that hook up?

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no hook up, i like his channel. good entry point for noobs. his videos can be a little juvenile sometimes, but i still like him. he started me on my first rig, what he deems the TRIO.


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