Safe PCI-E splitter use?


I have the EVGA P2 1600w PSU. Is it ok to connect one VGA cable from the EVGA PSU to one orange splitter to connect to the one riser and same GPU attached to that riser? The VGA cables that come in the box doesn’t reach both the riser and the top of my EVGA 1070. I seen a few you tubers such as Voskcoin has a PCI-E splitter connected to a gpu connected to the same PCIE riser. I’m doing this now and so far its working ok but I just want to make sure its safe for long term?

Or should I be connecting the orange splitter to one VGA cable to two PCIE risers and use another VGA cable to connect to the top of two separate GPUs? Or…does it not matter as long I don’t have more than two GPUs connected to one VGA cable?

I’m having some anxiety hoping that this will be ok.

Orange splitter on amazon: